Li Chen son hit the face of a promise Liu Ye how do you see?

Liu Ye Li Chen son hit his face.

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"content_img_p" this afternoon, Xiao Bian nothing to watch live video, suddenly saw a promise! I think this child is really handsome, long eyelashes too long, big eyes with a fake skin! But look at the net friend's words suddenly felt wrong style.

says is not a … … look also did not see what difference, this is really not a promise? Indeed not, click on the top left side of the phone icon, Li Chen was writing nic! My God! This is not scientific! Class= img_box "

really small series click on the head of the attention is not a promise one is not Liu Ye, but the host Li Chen. Small make up this just want to get up Li Chen once had a son … … class= img_box "

first don't mess! This Li Chen is not Fan Bingbing's boyfriend Li Chen black, but English Nic mainland host, NPC organizer.

in fact, the Li Chen is also quite famous, you must have seen his show or bought his tide brand. Li Chen, Chinese mainland host, NPC organizer, presided over the "dance forest congress", "flower", "super Sentai" program. And Willber Pan personally, even once heard two people gay, with fashion brand, in fact, people would have married Li Chen! Class= img_box "

Li Chen wife exposure

Li Chen's wife is Zhao Qiong, Li Chen's high school girlfriend. Two people in 2006, two people in Shanghai to receive a marriage certificate, 2008 officially married. Li Chen wife Zhao Qiong is in Shanghai, Li Chen in 2008 in Shanghai Sheraton Hotel and their love of his girlfriend of ten years. In addition to Pan Shuai Jay Chou circle of friends through the Video message, Rex Yu, Chen Chen and other circle of friends also arrived at the scene of the blessing, the wedding warm and grand, as the groom's Li Chen is the number of tears. Class= img_box "

2014" June 20th afternoon, his wife Zhao Qiong smooth production of a son, Lee rose to dad.

this is the first public appearance of Li Chen the son of Oscar, when the little guy has been more than seven months, the genetic father handsome gene, although I was a baby has been very solid, a pair of big eyes, turn the audience adorable. But also do not like a Nobel, now is just a replica of … … do not believe small live when we look at a few pictures.

users also have said that as a "

the child how long? As well as the one by one! Class= img_box "

this eyelashes long who also.

and then look at a genuine Nobel … … my God, I can't see the difference. Circle of … …

which is a promise, which is Oscar? Xiao Bian points out … …

face nose mouth eyebrows … …

you say what's … &hellip

that Liu Ye has lost to Li Chen's son, Li Chen had a son who was holding to the Liu Ye … Oscar … and a promise is a pair of brothers … …


] (source of expression China blue: Blue Network - comprehensive news client)

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