Pregnancy does not protect skin = aging 13 years! Do you still dare to maintain?

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pregnancy without skin care = aging 13 years! You dare not only care maintenance?

for the baby's health, a lot of pregnant mothers have to give up a lot of things. For example, the beauty of it, put up a small skirt, charming heels. Make up what is the past, but the skin can not be less.

pregnancy skin care is also critical, experts say: pregnancy is not equal to 13 years of skin aging. This is for those who love the beauty of the mother is how to combat the things ah! So pregnant mothers still have to establish a new concept of skin care, to avoid aging to find the door.

mother why pay attention to health care and health care is neglected? Called

, is focusing on health, including health care, health care, sports nutrition and health maintenance and so on; is a beautiful, nursing center, generally refers to the body and skin care.

has a survey of 2000 pregnant women launched the questionnaire, more than 80% of the pregnant mother choose to pay attention to health knowledge, 16% of pregnant mothers feel as important as care and maintenance. Why does the pregnant woman pay attention to the health care and neglect the maintenance? Because you want a healthy baby, pregnant need to strengthen their knowledge of health care. And the reasons for the neglect of maintenance are as follows:

[reason 1]: the importance of the importance of for pregnancy maintenance awareness is not enough

a lot of pregnant women do not know the importance of pregnancy skin care. As the pregnancy hormone promoting pregnancy skin, cause a lot of problems, such as: dry skin, itching, sensitive spots, dark, oily, acne etc.. But the pregnant mother will feel that the child is born, the skin will be better. Some pregnant women think the skin will become better after pregnancy, so no need to maintain.


these two ideas are wrong. With the baby's body is in a state of adjustment, but also a critical period of female maintenance. So pregnant mothers should be careful maintenance, avoid leaving the eternal stretch marks, stains.

[reason 2]: a lot of pregnant mothers want to maintain but not dare to maintain

cosmetics, skin care products can not reach the standard of safety of pregnant mothers in the heart of the standard. At present, there is a wide range of cosmetics, skin care products, mineral oil, chemical dyes, sunscreen agents, hormones and heavy metals, so that they can not care for pregnant mothers in pregnancy delicate skin. So pregnant mothers do not want to maintain the.

general skin care products pregnant mother is not to eat. The pregnant mother pregnant women to choose special safe and pure natural skin care products, but these products popularity is relatively low, especially small and medium-sized city of the pregnant mother simply do not know the existence of pregnant women cosmetics. So pregnant women cosmetics market to strengthen the promotion and education.

[reason 3]: pregnant mother to the baby's attention far more than their own

pregnant mother in pregnancy is frustrating, to the baby's attention far more than their own. To the late pregnancy more reluctant to do something else, then I wash my face and rub up emulsion. Other time to learn how to greet the arrival of the baby.


pregnant mother love the baby at the same time also need to spend some time to love yourself. Maintain oneself, can maintain the beautiful appearance; also can enhance the self-confidence. Pregnancy care can also help ease the pregnancy and prenatal depression, to maintain physical and mental health.

pay attention to the care of pregnant women's pregnancy, select the safe protection of pregnant women with special skin care products. I wish you the United States and the United States to spend the incubation period!


count several disfigurement pregnancy care action

"pregnant how to care" has been the biggest question of pregnant female heart, good skin care products and skin care science movement can achieve efficient maintenance effect, but if it is the wrong skin care action is likely to make the skin worse. In order to complete the pregnancy skin care, it is necessary to clearly understand the pregnant mother, here's a breakdown of pregnancy care several disfigurement action.

1, too thick or deliberately choose light texture

pregnant mother think that their skin dry, "superstition" on the heavy cream, results in an increased burden on the skin, resulting in fat grain breeding, long time will not go. Some pregnant mothers fear their skin is often greasy, thin texture of the emulsion, even at night when the skin is simply rub toner trouble, the results come down for a long time, the skin is completely transformed into a dry, too extreme to select all the heavy or light texture is not correct, the pregnant mother must be "laoyijiege". At the same time,

2 deep cleansing and exfoliating

deep cleansing is to remove the skin deep dirt and grease, and exfoliating is to remove the aging of skin cells on the surface of the skin by chemical or physical methods. Under normal circumstances, through deep cleansing can soften and remove excess cuticle, so if at the same time, deep cleansing and exfoliating, causing frequent exfoliating, only thin cuticle, causing damage to the skin.

3, after cleansing the skin directly after the use of

a lot of pregnant mothers think that after cleansing, the skin has no more obstacles, more appropriate to absorb the essence of. But according to the skin care experts say, such an approach is very wrong, after washing the face directly using the essence, the skin will not be easy to absorb, easy to produce fat tablets. The best way is to clean the skin after the end, in accordance with the order of a certain skin care, the first use of toner dip wet cotton pad and smear the skin, and then use the subsequent maintenance of products. Of course, the pregnant mother can also choose like lubicating skin care products for pregnant women's milk, rice, cherry series, product range, can fully meet the demand of complete sets of skin care, better effect, and will not let the skin care order error.

4, the mask time is too long or too short

face mask stay time is not as long as possible! Generally speaking, if no special instructions can be overnight, replenishment type sheet mask is best not more than 20 minutes, otherwise it will reverse the original skin absorption of moisture, because the mask is dry, it will speed up the skin's surface evaporation that causes the skin to become dry. So pregnant mother in the deposited mask, be sure to grasp the correct time, apply 15 minutes -20 minutes.


pregnancy troubled pregnancy hormone levels of pregnant women will make changes, some pregnant women's skin will become more smooth and rosy, but some pregnant mother's skin becomes dull, rough, stretch marks, today Xiaobian take you to consider pregnancy what are you pregnant mothers skin problems.

[a]: dark skin

pregnancy between dark skin is mainly due to poor blood circulation, leading to accumulation of toxins from the body and cause, in addition, the thick cuticle, dry skin, make skin to reduce gloss. [


1, the use of preventive measures: pregnant women Cleansing Cream

pregnant women the best choice for pregnant women's skin care products, wash your face every day, to use a mild cleanser, the best is pure natural, does not contain pigment, chemical free cleansing products, this will stimulate the sensitive skin of pregnant women.

2, basic skin care

after cleansing, but also immediately use toner, but pregnant women do not use products containing whitening ingredients oh! Because the whitening ingredients is not conducive to the growth of the fetus, but the essence can use pure plant ingredients or emulsion, add moisture to the skin, and make skin moist, and no stimulation to the skin, not to worry about harmful for babies!

[two] problem:

will make the pregnancy freckle butterfly, pituitary secretion of melanocyte stimulating hormone increased, so that the skin melanin increase, it is easy to appear on the cheek hudieban and freckles, although normally hudieban in postpartum disappear, but some are difficult to eliminate, so early prevention. [

] preventive measures:


good sunscreen sunscreen is very important, whether in winter or summer, or during pregnancy, should not be ignored sunscreen, UV will exacerbate the melanin deposition, let the stain darker, pregnant women go out to note umbrella, wearing a hat, wearing a mask.

2 sunscreen

, many pregnant mother worried about sunscreen will affect fetal development, in fact, as long as the pregnant mothers choose low SPF value sunscreen, but do not worry about this problem, because the higher the SPF value, the greater the stimulation, in addition, foods containing vitamin C, eat daily, can also be the decomposition of melanin.

[three] problem:

pregnancy pregnancy, weight increase, the skin is stretched, collagen and elastic fibers in the dermis was broken, there will be irregular strip scars, these are stretch marks, if it is difficult to disappear.

1, weight control

stretch marks due to weight gain during pregnancy caused by, so, must pay attention to weight control, pay attention to a balanced diet every day, not a lot of intake of high calorie, high fat food, with some sports, increase the toughness of the skin.


in addition to milk smear body weight control, pregnant mothers should start from the anti scar pregnancy, a day sooner or later apply body lotion, can also be used for pregnant women's olive oil massage belly, arm, arm, thigh and arm positions, elastic, prevent the appearance of stretch marks.

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