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new mothers in the care of their babies often will encounter all sorts of trouble and not familiar with the situation, it is inevitable enormous pressure. No longer have their own time, lack of sleep, life rhythm disorder and so will become the root of the pressure. So do you recently feel that their hair loss is becoming serious? How should we deal with the pressure caused by hair loss?

experts teach you how to deal with the parenting pressure caused by alopecia

postpartum alopecia and alopecia caused by different parenting stress < / strong>

there are a lot of people will be expressed in postpartum hair loss. This is mostly because the lead production caused by hormonal imbalance.

human hair at a certain period of regeneration in general, pregnant women because of hormone secretion increased, the hair will become not easy to fall off, many pregnant women said in an era of heavy body hair. When the production finished, hormone level in the body will be restored to the normal value, the increase of pregnant hair loss, make people feel more like hair loss quantity. This due to the hormone balance status of hair loss will gradually stabilize over time, does not need to take measures to deal with.

on the other hand, the enormous pressure of parenting will cause hair loss, although the same is the cause of hair loss is not the same. Pressure can cause the autonomic nervous disorder and the body cold, these will make people's blood flow changes, and ultimately cause hair loss.

in order to liberate from the parenting stress, mothers should try to do less housework, in the baby to sleep when they also quickly add sleep. In addition, you can choose to let husband or parents help the children on weekends, rely on family help allows mothers to get reassurance, not all the burden of childcare will carry one person, is the best way to learn to rely on diastolic pressure.

relaxation time is very important in order to alleviate the pressure of

, suggestions for new mothers to listen to more music and exercise.

and other moms to communicate, can help to help new mothers from two individual liberation in the sense of occlusion to participate in group activities, to keep in touch with society can effectively alleviate the pressure.

in the body feel the pressure, in order to alleviate this pressure will consume a large number of keratin (keratin), and keratin is just an important part of the hair. Lack of keratin will seriously damage the health of hair.

carrots, onion, celery, red peppers and other vegetables are rich in single keratin. Compared with a single keratin, with other nutrients can significantly improve the effect of eating, nutrition, healthy hair, including zinc, vitamins, minerals, calcium, hyaluronic acid, etc.. Consciously in a daily diet with the necessary nutrients to help ease the situation of hair loss.

try to fight for their own time, do something to make their own relaxation. In a relaxed mood, the body will naturally follow the good, with a good rhythm to ease the pressure, and hope that everyone can become a beautiful mother.

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