A woman came home to find himself on the wrong door strange man on the bed

Man woman police suspicious person guard against theft

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Ms. Dai home door not pry marks

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Washington July 2nd morning, Ms. Dai people in Zhengzhou is located in a district of West Longhai back to the third floor of the house, found a strange man sleeping in his the bed. She went to the bed to see, was awakened by the man claiming to be drunk at night drunk after the wrong door, painted in a paste to sleep here. After the man left, wearing a lady feel suspicious, immediately after the floor, but the man soon lost sight, she had to call 110 police.

when she was sure that he went to the wrong door

the morning of July 2nd, buy two houses of Ms. Dai in Zhengzhou, watching the sun is shining, it intends to return to their own in a residential area on the third floor of the Longhai Road set of resident house will damp bedding out in the sun.

"I didn't come back at noon on Thursday, before leaving, specifically examined hydropower and doors and windows." Ms. Dai said around 11:20 in the morning, she came back just open the door, it felt a cool head. A closer look, the living room air conditioning is open, which makes her very surprised. Entered into the house, found the bedroom bed, sleeping a bare chested man, head of a piece of paper, put the man smoked cigarette butts.

"looked at the front of everything, then I really thought that I went to the wrong door, you can see the furniture in the house decoration, yes ah, is his home." Ms. Dai said, looking at the bed lying on the man, she initially thought it was his brother, and later, my brother did not have the key from the house. She ventured into the bedroom to see who is the person on the bed, and went to bed, sleeping in the bed of the man woke up.

"the man opened his eyes to see me, suddenly sat up in bed, hand picked up on the bed of the black short sleeved set in the body. I asked who he was, why sleeping in my house, the man said the night drunk, we don't know how to touch here." Ms. Dai haunt that man said to go outside. She immediately to the house of the view, found on the bedside table, a bag filled with two cartons of cigarettes, a lighter and a bottle of unused Cleansing Cream. These items are placed in the cabinet of her home, it is clearly turned out to be taken away after the package. She suspected that the man might be a thief, and immediately went downstairs. Under the

then she remembered the 110 call

"I come out from the hole in the floor, the man quickly disappeared. In desperation, I remembered playing 110." According to Ms. Dai recalled, a suspicious man looks scrub, looks like a more than and 20 year old, long face, wearing a black T-shirt and black trousers. Previously, she had never seen this person in the community. She was fortunate that the home of gold and silver jewelry is more subtle, not to be turned out suspicious people.

after the police arrived, immediately in the area and the surrounding search, but did not find a suspicious man. In the investigation of the woman's home, the police saw the door did not clearly pry the door, wearing a woman lived on the third floor windows, did not install the security network, and the bedroom window is not closed. And the downstairs of the first floor, two floor tenants, are equipped with anti-theft network. Police suspect that the man may be from the downstairs to the third floor after climbing, never close the bedroom window into the room. Police remind Ms. Dai, to give the home installed on network security as soon as possible, so as not to be a thief loophole.

in the area of the Central Plains area Lvdongcun patrol patrol team told reporters that they believe in, Ms. Dai family found a suspicious person entering, should be timely alarm to the door, or downstairs to the guard room called scouts come in. Like this to disturb in a suspicious person, very dangerous, once encountered heinous criminals, the consequences be unbearable to contemplate.

at present, Jianshe Road Public Security Bureau is investigating the matter. (big river)

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