The great: that can win the championship or back to LPL

Champion the great the practice room the practice

tuwanwang· 2016-04-21 01:09:19

< p > Beijing time April 21, from the published a lengthy article, expressed himself was to the identity of the foreign aid into the QG to play but didn't play in the process. < p > Beijing time April 21, from the published a lengthy article, expressed himself was to the identity of the foreign aid into the QG to play but didn't play in the process.

first I entered QG is main competition or do main to say. As a result, there is no competition, can not fight in the training game, 2 months time only as a substitute, and start does not agree, so I chose to leave. This had some angry, this time to the identity of the foreign aid to the asked about, is explained, originally the team is decided and doinb, swift players to terminate the contract, so as to the identity of the main competition introduced Tom and I both players (and an existing substitute competition), because and the original two players doinb and swift to renew, the original players more stable performance is also good, so just not with us.

on the isolated problem, because it is nothing special to the bench, the communication is not good is the fact that. I don't think that is because the isolated ah strangers ah, I was angry about the team. So probably accosted me also difficult? < at the time, the situation is practice room floor 1 to 2, 1 floor is the main place, noisy enjoy laughing and playing games. At that time the atmosphere looks good, QG will happen this thing I did not expect. 2 floor is a quiet single row. Also can not participate in the QG playoffs of foreign aid list, because the rules of the LPL is to take a week before the game according to the publicity and registration to play. In fact, foreign aid issues, about 2 weeks when chatting had also decided to go, feel very good to hear that strange. Of course, negotiations are slowly, sometimes only one or two sentences a day, sometimes there is no dialogue. Before

went to China, I did not hear of such a rule, to China after the talk with me. But said there are exceptions to the rules to play the game, to tell the truth to the game has to give up half of the, so I think even if you can't play also won't get angry. It really hit game or quite angry. Practice is also very smooth, I think you can win the championship, especially a pity. Might as well can not play, and look forward to a little less disappointed about it will be less.

received the fee is if you can not play the game will only pay half so received half. There are two months before the replacement of wages have been owed, this time to get it all. < p > after the plan, originally wanted to play the playoffs can find a team, but failed to play so as not to show what, generally find team will be more difficult, but the rest next year seems to have not, anyway try (team). Will probably come back to LPL.

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