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music and a big news! Also remember the beginning of this year, the music, as the music as a super TV announced cumulative sales exceeded 5 million units. Just yesterday, experience activities will start in music as a super TV listed on sale three anniversary of "eco popping" super large line, LETV officially announced that as of June 30, 2016, LETV super TV three years cumulative sales of about 7 million units. Style= color: "RGB white-space: (0, 213, 255); pre-wrap text-decoration:; underline (immediately following the title of the blue word attention can get more inside, a daily depth!)

music is confident that this year's sales target is 6 million units, is expected in the second half will soon usher in a super TV cumulative sales of 10 million historic moment. TV industry has been developed for more than thirty years, while the music as a super TV in this short three years, it has brought a dramatic shock to the television industry, a profound change in the user's life, so many people to return to the big screen screen.

three years ago, the price of amazing music as a super TV sale, so many people think that this is a no brain burn project support, not too long, up to now, the music has become a pivotal role in the TV industry. Today, we take music as a super TV. For example, why is the same price, some people live fast, some people are dead silent.

[three] the trick from dark horse to leader


three years ago, I'm afraid nobody expected to reach 7 million units this number in the smart TV industry is letv. Since the

super TV X60 listed on sale since July 3, 2013, the super TV in one year, achieved sales of 1 million units, known as the small horse industry. The first paragraph, as the price of super TV, almost half of the traditional TV, a lot of traditional manufacturers called destructive low price". Many traditional vendors layout smart TV in 2012, perhaps in their view, LETV price policy is only "guobayin killed". />

: a trick to subvert the price cognition,

  profit transfer;  

hardware profit, has been the traditional TV inherent business model when compared to the music as to lower prices in the market, naturally faster access to user. When the user is included in the music as ecological circle, rich content and quality of service will be retained, making music can cross the robbery, the profit space is transferred to other places.


changes: the user's demand for television from the price to the volume ratio, people are more inclined to pay for the experience and services, rather than the TV hardware itself.

tips: two operational users, made the TV living room entrance flow


in the past, the TV is just a simple display device, once the interactive TV program and the audience also rely on the telephone, sms. Lack of interactivity leads to a large number of users from the big screen to the small screen. The music, as the main operating user concept, smart TV made a part of the smart home, so that television has become a living room flow entrance.


change: TV entertainment, interactive, and its content based on the game, education, health and other areas gradually extended to the game. Every TV screen, has become a home for a family of advertising screen.

tips: three sales model transformation to buy new

  experience;   another reason for

super TV and low price is more choice and the proportion of its own online sales channels offline sales decreased, thereby eliminating the need for a large number of channels and agency fees, with the help of the hardware revenue + pay + + applications into advertising the income of "four profit model, get rid of a single hardware sales.


changes: the television industry began to overall tend to online layout, more channel construction costs are to allow consumers. Interactive online and offline to provide users with a new model of the purchase experience.

[price: LETV bet on the future of

] LETV TV over the past three years, is the traditional TV to smart TV transition for three years. As the transition function machines to intelligent machines, this period is most likely to occur when the owners of the throne. />

for three years, after 85, 90 gradually reached the age of marriage, family, the family background is suitable for smart TV increasingly high demand, which is a major cause of the super TV sales growth. As time goes by, the speed of the transition of traditional TV to smart TV will only become faster and faster.

[more mature overseas market; LETV can avoid The climate does not suit one.? />

Chinese enterprises to expand overseas, is not a good way to go. Especially in the international market, Samsung, LG and other international brands, the ecological model can be successfully copied, as for the music is a test. With the Russian Deputy Prime Minister made a special trip to visit the music, as the establishment of the North American headquarters and so on, the music, as the blueprint for the ecological globalization is also becoming more and more clear.



; low price, free of charge, subsidies, and so on vocabulary seems to be synonymous with the Internet industry. Die in these words on the enterprise, I am afraid to around for several laps around the earth, many enterprises rely on the burn gathered a bunch of users, the money did not burn is the loss of a supporter, a vast expanse of the earth is really clean". />

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