Big data can save your love life?

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people love to buy what kind of gift most in Valentine's day? Given the size of the online dating industry, it's not surprising that you will be better at using big data to create a better matching system. The real value of style= million dollar question is: can you take advantage of all these numbers and data points to help yourself?

if you are single, you may have considered the " online dating. > "nearly 11% of adults have tried this way, you may be in the Match, OKCupid (United States online dating network) or any one about the end of the single on the web site. Some dating sites try to manipulate the dating game from the start. Style= line-height: "2em they will consider which city has the best match for people, or what kind of work will get the most attention . Plenty of Fish (a matchmaking website) data study found that Portland is "the most romantic city in the United states". At the same time, Michigan has the most romantic bachelor, Louisiana ranked last. These conclusions are obtained from the data of the 5 million list. is the most romantic place by the region in the Plenty of Fish single list on the website personal information like "Romance" and "walk" on the beach "at the campfire embrace" and so on (and other tens of thousands of romantic phrases) to determine the percentage of.

now, online data showed some problems. Because it is not easy to define "romantic" (or even "love") in terms of data, it is not easy to define the concept of "Romance". website information listed some other romantic events include: "font-size: style= span>

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romantic massage

Plenty Of Fish "found the most romantic , such a problem. Many people suspect dating data, and emphasize the quality of the data is the most important. Rudder OKCupid, co-founder of Christian, explained that the data industry is facing the most serious problem is not to find algorithms, but to find the correct data.

" my hunch is that a large part of the user's input is true, but people misunderstood her." He said. Even though a couple seems to be mathematically matched, there is a level between the surface and the less perfect information. The company needs to dig the information behind to get a better match. A study at the University of California, California, found that "81% of online dating people don't give the true information about body weight, height, or age."." And it's probably not a coincidence! For example, some people like to take "classical music" as an interest, but it only means that they like the vague, theoretical approach. Analysis of their personal play list can prove that they are in fact only concerned about this genre. This provides two important rules for online dating:


true fill in the questionnaire. Style=


possible link to other web sites" font-size: . If the user is willing to give the company a scan of their Netflix, Spotify, Facebook or search records license, a large number of more reliable data can be used. The algorithm not only according to mutual friends or do you both love to match the Downton abbey. They can create a number of new models to find matching.

a method is more users beyond all expectations of competitors. If two users have similar tastes in music and chat with similar people, the data from one of them can help the other person to match. This can also help the search engine to determine their personal data for other users are of much use. The algorithm can also determine whether your profile is attractive by comparing the similarity of users and their popularity - it sounds intimidating.

OKCupid responsible person revealed that data analysis got some surprising results. Through the comparison of the OKCupid in the end users on the web data, they found that the first date will put forward the following 3 questions: "< span style= font-size: 15px; >

1, "you love horror film?"

2, "have you ever been alone to another country to travel?"

3, "quit and go to the ship of life is it interesting?"

problems than many seemingly of no great importance of useless data reveals more about personality the behavior and life trajectory. Amy Webb's Ted speech, entitled "I am how to invade online dating", has been 4 million 500 thousand to watch. This is not only because people find interesting topics, they may have similar, or the opposite of online dating experience. The user is asked the question, although useful, but can not complete description of a person. She is the doings of reverse engineering system, and create your own data points to find a husband. She used 72 data points to find a match, and it was successful! She has successfully found a large number of samples. But unfortunately, they do not like her, because she has to fill out the personal information and interest. This led her to study what makes other users more popular and popular. The results obtained range is average per message word count (97), average call time (23 hours). And of course, there are some pictures. The problem is not the lack of data, but the wrong data.

2em; 15px. The national retail fund will be happy Valentine's Day flower money in consumer analysis. In the past, they found that discount stores and department stores were the main areas of consumer spending. They even accurately concluded that the average spending for Valentine's Day was $87.94 in 2015. They know that people 45 to 54 years of age are the biggest consumer groups, and these people create more music to play lists. This is a common type of data, but does not necessarily tell the lover what to do.

like Michigan should not be because of the seemingly "romantic" statement is considered to be the most romantic, data can be how to help couples become more creative. StatisticBrain statistics show that Valentine's day has 198000000 roses were purchased. The most gift is the card, followed by candy, dinner, flowers and jewelry, gift cards and even the list of famous. In February 13th last year, the number of flowers to buy and reached a peak. The same happens in (an electronic greeting card website). For lovers all over the world, you can use the data to find love and maintain love. The key is to use it creatively and correctly.

data analysis network translation translation translation team, members of Blanche, with a background in mathematics and statistics, master graduates do analysis and modeling of data in a mobile communication operator, love sports, love music, concerned about big data, determined to do a data mining siege division.

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