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huaweiyunjisuan· 2016-07-04 22:34:40

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maintenance public cloud architect

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  1. Infrastructure maintenance and maintenance work of architect, responsible for the overall HUAWEI public cloud project.

  2. is responsible for HUAWEI's public cloud products over the next 3 years, key technologies, related technology roadmap to support business and service strategy. To ensure that HUAWEI's public cloud leading competitiveness.

  3. is responsible for HUAWEI's public cloud 3-5 years in the future reliability of the architecture design and support; such as accurate fault detection and fault information collection, fault diagnosis and location analysis, to ensure that public cloud solutions to stay ahead of the competition.

  4. guide and participate in international technical exchanges and cooperation, including HUAWEI public cloud customers, IT vendors, ISP/ICP, University, etc..

  5. team technology to lead people to lead.

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  • 10 years working experience in the field of cloud computing, more than 6 years of large-scale public cloud reliability engineering or maintenance experience, familiar with enterprise operation and operation flow, disaster recovery, fault handling, network configuration, database operation and so on are familiar.

  • in-depth understanding of cloud service providers, telecom operators business needs, in-depth understanding of the development trend of medium and long term Cloud Computing Reliability technology.

  • has a wide range of vision, such as: in the virtualization, storage, network, middleware, database, web system interface, etc..

  • familiar with the enterprise architecture, with WEB engineering design and deployment capabilities, with the application of business analysis capabilities.

  • with the idea of automated operation and maintenance, familiar with the framework of common automated operation and maintenance.

  • has a large data center operation and maintenance experience, to understand the cloud services on the line process and operation and maintenance / operation process.

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    1. as lower-alpha;" HUAWEI public cloud infrastructure and operation and maintenance experts, responsible for the operation and maintenance of HUAWEI's public cloud project.

    2. daily maintenance: responsible for the public cloud trend assessment, the problem of mining.

    3. major failures: leading solutions for fast recovery and problem location tracking.

    4. standardization automation operation and maintenance: through the maintenance of practice, the formation of standardized processes, to promote the operation and maintenance of automation.

    5. planning and Design: responsible for the planning and design of the public cloud point change program.

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    • 5 years cloud computing operation experience, familiar with the operation and maintenance of norms, a large public cloud management operation is preferred.

    • familiar with the principle of TCP/IP protocol, network positioning ability, familiar with more than three layers of routing protocol and firewall configuration, HCNA, CCNA, H3CNE is preferred.

    • familiar with virtualization platform (VMware, KVM) structure and work principle, familiar with OpenStack, AWS, Tencent, Baidu, Ali, project delivery and maintenance work experience is preferred. Style= line-height: "23.2727px

    • familiar with the industry mainstream IAAS, PAAS and other cloud technology programs. Style= line-height: "23.2727px

    • with a good professionalism, innovation ability, teamwork ability.

    • security expert

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      1. is responsible for"; Company public cloud project network security issues prevention and emergency treatment, to overcome the company difficult network security risks.

      2. responsible for the company's cloud computing product safety issues to improve.

      3. responsible for the company's public cloud project network security program design.

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      • more than five years of network security Full field, Internet security related products practical work experience, familiar with the common security offensive and defensive measures.

      • deep knowledge of network security and information security related technical knowledge, products and tools, can skilled design solutions for mainstream security products, familiar with the network security technology: including service port, vulnerability scanning, vulnerability analysis, program management, detection of intrusion and attack analysis, tracking website penetration, trojan virus prevention etc..

      • has good security system planning ability, such as network security, host security, application security, operation audit and so on. Familiar with all kinds of techniques and methods of attack.

      • familiar with major security vendors at home and abroad, to understand the mainstream network security tools and safety equipment management, configuration and use.

      • network operation and maintenance experts section>
        • location

        Beijing / Shenzhen / Xi'an / Hangzhou .

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        1. is responsible for"; HUAWEI cloud computing project network architecture design and deployment.

        2. is responsible for cloud processing and tuning difficult fault calculation network, guarantee the safety and reliable operation of the data center network platform.

        3. is responsible for the network problem analysis and solution, the formation of the methodology, to enhance the team's technical ability; responsible for network operation and maintenance of all kinds of technical documents output.