Bank turnover: "golden rice bowl" why the charm is no longer?

Banking charm performance market

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June 16th

2016, Baidu disclosed that the former general manager of China Everbright Bank Zhang Xuyang officially joined Baidu, as vice president in charge of Baidu's financial and financial management and asset management business.

this is not an isolated case. At the beginning of this year, China Construction Bank, the former general manager of the Ministry of finance Huang Hao also served as assistant to the chairman of the Ant King service group. According to the announcement of

bank, from 2015 to June 2016, more than 60 banks "Dong (things) prison (things) high (tube) to leave, involved in the post from the director, the president and vice presidents to risk control director, chief information officer.

turnover is not only in the middle and upper level spread. Wu Li, vice president of the branch of a state-owned bank, she obviously felt this year to go to the branch of people more than in previous years, a more than and 30 person branch, this year has gone nearly half".

banking was a "good place not only into the high income and good benefits, hanlaobaoshou. Therefore, in the past, the bank's staff flow also occurred in different banks in the industry. But when the bank is no longer able to lay money and occupation development space is cramped, and the outside world more exciting, more and more people sigh "the time bank", the industry began to say goodbye.

different people leave the reason is not the same. Much media attention in the bank or because of the high level of pay and better development space, and the general level of staff is probably due to the banking industry is no longer a, unbearable pressure of choice. Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of finance, Bank of director Ceng Gang believes that the so-called bank turnover tide is the degree of China's financial market is constantly improving, the inevitable result of increased competition.

surge in non-performing rate of

high rate of adverse numbers fall into reality, first smashed in the banking system is responsible for pulling deposit and loan account manager, the high rate of adverse income to cut almost in a few years.

6 month, a section of Shanxi Changzhi rural commercial bank staff publicly beaten Zhangze ass "performance assessment" of the video circulated on the internet. After the media tracking reports, the incident occurred in the background, is the performance of agricultural firms in recent years, the results of the assessment of increasing pressure.

pressure, all the staff of the bank is synaesthesia of recent interview. And the most direct source of pressure, that is, with all the bank staff wage income linked to the rate of non-performing.

the number of bad loans in the banking sector as if it happened overnight. Wang Haobo is a joint-stock bank in Zhejiang branch of justice, in 2013 his branch last year occurred in bad loans but only 7-8 pen, while in 2014 this figure jumped to 60-70 pen, in 2015 to nearly 100 pen. Banks even have to expand the establishment of the legal system to respond to a substantial increase in the number of litigation.

according to the China Banking Regulatory Commission data, as of the end of the first quarter of 2016, the balance of non-performing loans of China's banking industry has reached 2 trillion and 100 billion, non-performing loan ratio reached 2.04%, breaking the 2% of the line of life and death". Commercial bank non-performing loan balance of nearly 1 trillion and 400 billion yuan, non-performing loan ratio of 1.75%, up 0.07 percentage points, which is a commercial bank non-performing loan ratio increased for eleventh consecutive quarters.

four state-owned banks, Agricultural Bank of China's non-performing rate of up to 2.39% in 2015, an increase of 70.33% compared to the previous year. The other three major state-owned banks, the rate of increase is also more than 30%. Joint-stock banks and state-owned banks are similar, the non-performing rate of 1.4%-1.7%, in addition to CITIC Bank growth of 10%, China Merchants Bank, China Everbright Bank and other growth rates are more than 30%.

excess capacity is a high incidence of non-performing loans, in the context of the government to promote the supply side of the reform, the bank's non-performing loans will continue to increase.

high rate of adverse numbers fall into reality, first smashed in the banking system is responsible for pulling deposit and loan account manager.

Liu Ni is a joint-stock banks in Zhejiang Province, a branch of the customer manager, living in bad loans to her, the hands of 14 customers have been responsible for 5 out of the problem. Of which 3 have been charged to the court, the requirements of the liquidation, and the remaining two are barely 3 months to maintain a state of interest.

because the bank loan interest in January a knot, if 3 months without the loan will be reduced to non-performing loans, it is about to start the relevant legal procedures, and some companies are still trying to live. Liu Ni estimated that she is located in the sub branch, the current actual rate of about 10%, the future will continue to rise. The rate of bad

high customer manager's income in recent years almost halved. 2010-2012 Liu Ni said the situation is good, where she branch account manager can get about 400 thousand of the average annual salary, the number in the last year, only 200 thousand pre tax, but also bear the internal audit of bank non-performing loans after the punishment.

Liu Ni said that the non-performing assets in the completion of the proceedings after the auction, the bank's compliance department will play on the customer manager duties in full amount of the loan, that due diligence or dereliction of duty, and then be grading. Finally, a fine of 1/1000 to 1 percent of the final loss of the non-performing loans to the account manager. Last year, she was fined because of bad loans of 40 thousand yuan, which is still in her only as a loan with staff, does not bear the main responsibility of the case.

many bank customer manager is "don't want to walk", before the end of the hands of the recovery of non-performing loans, they can not easily leave, only a day to run back.

in the past, bankers in the housing provident fund, housing subsidies, subsidies and other hidden benefits of holidays is enviable, but in recent years with the decline in performance, Bank Bonus reduced. "The original 5 days of annual leave allowance of three thousand or four thousand yuan, is now down to less than one thousand yuan. Wang Haobo said.

net profit growth rate of

fall in the impact of the economic downturn cycle, and the interest rate market reform, etc., but also make the bank's good days seems to be coming to an end.

and the rate of rise is echoed, the bank's rapid decline in net profit growth, the major bank's earnings show that everyone's life is not how much better.

2015, in 18 A shares and H shares listed banks, the four major state-owned bank net profit growth of all the following, the growth rate fell more than 90% year on year. Compared to the four major state-owned bank, traffic growth rate of 1.03%, but the decline is as high as 80%. 6 joint-stock banks grew at an average of 4.21%, less than half of the 9.74% in 2014. 7 city firms are still maintained a rapid growth rate reached 26.60%.

net profit growth fell, and the rate of increase is closely related to. The people's Bank of finance, vice president Zhao Xijun said, the general bank bad loans, the internal solution is written off, "write off bad loans means a reduction in profits, non-performing loan charge offs decreased more, the greater the profit. "The impact of the economic downturn period

and market-oriented interest rate reform, also let the bank's good days difficult to continue.

Jia, who left the banking industry in 2014, before he was governor of the Bank of Beijing, Zhongguancun, Hangzhou branch. He could feel the pressure, is not optimistic about the future development of the banking industry, "grassroots bank business is deposit and loan spreads, eat a good situation, the enterprise a year can precipitate down tens of millions of dollars of deposits, when the situation is not good, the enterprise put in the bank naturally less, bank the performance also declined. "So is the

loan, the credit conditions of the good economic situation will loose some downward economic situation, revenue and volume of business enterprises is gradually reduced, the bank will tighten credit in the past, to the operation of the loan, then you can not do. "

" bank's mission is still up, no task is impossible. "Jia Tongjie left before that business is not so good to do," deposit and loan tasks done, it will affect your scoring and performance, and finally will affect your income. "

Wu Li also said that now she in the area where the bank turned to more personal finance, enterprises may have no money, but many individuals or money, they have no good investment channels, we pulled over financial. "

interest rate market and deposit insurance and other reforms to promote, but also continue to compress the profitability of the bank space. Most of the bank's profits from the deposit and loan spreads, in October 2015 after the abolition of the deposit interest rate ceiling, China's interest rate control has been basically liberalized. In theory, after the abolition of the interest rate, the bank can adopt more competitive interest rates of deposits, the cost of capital will be increased at the same time, the bank will increase the sensitivity of loan interest rates, coupled with increased competition among banks, bank deposit and lending spreads will be accompanied by the process of marketization of interest rate gradually reduced.

Zhao Xijun believes that before and after the interest rate market, commercial banks are not the traditional deposit and loan business requirements and management is not the same, small and medium banks will face a greater challenge, and even the market crowding out effect". The big banks have enough capital can take advantage of lending interest rates low, perhaps the deposit rate is also low, but because of the deposit insurance system, the funds will be more robust to large banks, the pool of funds will be more abundant.

Internet Financial temptation

for the traditional financial industry, the Internet has brought the biggest financial competitive pressure, is the competition for talent.

in recent years, many high-rise banks in the banking industry to break the flow of practice, to Internet banking or private banks and other new institutions.

Societe Generale Bank of the former governor Li Renjie Lu Jin as chairman; former vice president Wang Yongli Chinese bank appointed senior vice president LETV Huaxia Bank; former deputy governor of old gold as vice president Su ningyun; Standard Chartered China head office of former vice president Luo Longxiang, former deputy chief risk officer of Ping An Pratt and Feng Ruibin, HSBC's chief legal officer China Zhou Lili in the original area, this year at the beginning of the entry point financial network.

interviewed a number of banks do not feel that the Internet banking has a greater impact on the banking business, but the Internet has brought the biggest financial competitive pressure, is the competition for talent. A director of a state-owned bank

to said that the reasons for leaving the state-owned bank staff, is generally the salary of new recruits institutions is much higher, and the performance is more obvious; another reason is that in the state-owned bank promotion space is relatively small, the capacity of some special strong, its leaders also younger". After

2015 years of central enterprises to limit executive pay, the state-owned bank executives pay almost halved. According to public data, ICBC governor Yi will be full of the 2014 pre tax salary of 1 million 89 thousand yuan, compared to $546 thousand and 800 in 2015, a drop of 49.79%; Chinese bank governor Chen Siqing 2014 pre tax salary of 1 million 83 thousand and 200 yuan, compared to $613 thousand and 300 in 2015, a drop of 43.48%; bank governor Peng Chun 2014 pre tax salary of 1 million 7 thousand and 600 yuan, compared with 2015 525 thousand and 700 yuan, a decline of 47.83%.

but the salary limit is not considered to be the main reason for many state-owned banks to run away, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of finance, director of the Bank of Ceng Gang believes that the bank's middle and upper level is more valued platform development space.

Zhao Xijun will be the development of comparative advantages compared with traditional banks due to emerging financial institutions, he believes that traditional banking is to deposit for the main business, after the interest rate market, competition is more and more big, the income growth is not so easy. In addition to a variety of traditional banking regulatory and regulatory norms, Internet banking has not yet formed a new format detailed specification of the management, the degree of freedom will be greater. At the same time, the emerging Internet Co offers a variety of options, such as equity, options, and other pay conditions, but also more attractive. (subject to the requirements of the respondents, Wu Li, Wang Haobo, Liu Ni as a pseudonym)

(source: Southern Weekend)

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