The experience of American Civil War Battle of Gettysburg: "turning point" to open an appointment

The United States civil war hand travel

wangyiyouxi· 2016-07-05 01:29:28

The battle of Gettysburg (Battle of

Gettysburg) is the most famous battle occurred from July 1, 1863 to July 3rd a civil war in the United States, often cited the turning point of the civil war. As the "Gettysburg" as the theme of the strategy game "developed by the game company Shenandoah the battle of Gettysburg:" turning point "(Gettysburg: The Tide Turns) has opened a pre login activity, but the game will be the first landing on the PC platform, then on the mobile version, Mobile Games game player may have to wait a long time the.

in early 2013, has created the classic strategy game "battle tank" game studio Shenandoah started to create the same type of game "battle of Fort Gedisi:" turning point ", and raising funds in Kickstarter. It is a pity that the studio later collapsed, while the Slitherine takeover of everything, including the unfinished "turning point": the battle of gettysburg. And now it's time to test the results.

"in the battle of Gettysburg:" turning point "in the game player can play both sides of the army, participated in the most important field in the American Civil War battle. Game player will recommend, and deployment of military battle opponents around Gettysburg, set up their own advantages, and win a complete victory in the final battle.

"the battle of Gettysburg:" turning point "plan in the 3 quarter of the first PC platform, then will launch a mobile version of the game player, interested can be sustained attention. Author:


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