Debut 6 years ambiguous 13 men she now want to quit the entertainment circle to do little grandma?

Entertainment little grandmother

yulejie· 2016-07-05 01:46:24

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gossip to the explosion of Wu Ruoxi, this is a temporary pass boyfriend is the rumored boyfriend, a dozen or so, old and young, but no one to take substantial evidence and recognition.

recently, Wu Ruoxi finally took up by netizens, a young man in Bangkok's Siam Paragon shopping mall dating. Although only photographed on the back, but users said Wu Ruoxi itself is a good white and tender, it is easy to recognize.

is known to accompany Wu Ruoxi's trip to Bangkok is Macao people in Macao Alex Ho, a wine agent, group purchase network, more shares a certain brand glasses. Resources。 24 year old Wu Ruoxi had privately with friends, hope to observe two parties, if possible, to two years later, in 2018 to get married, and the TVB has 5 years about her plans after expiry, the withdrawal amusement circle do housewife.

Alex if the reporter asked Wu Xitong dating Tour of Bangkok Wu Ruoxi, to respond to messages:" thank you to God. Asked her if she had any plans to get married, she said, "no, I'm sorry! "

! In fact, earlier reported that Wu Ruoxi Alex see metaphysics master Chen to help set the horoscopes, when asked how she and the man? She said it was a good friend, for a husband and wife were referred to, Jinny said with a smile that the master suspected his money, under normal development, to see the sincerity, and now observation, the other side of the good boy but a little wood.

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