Promotion of the US is either in the study of science and technology, or is on the way to explore technology


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6 18, geeks Park and the future the twelfth headline event, the event, the wind, the founder of SAY & VP Guo Xiaohan Le Tong music partner; Li Hongjie, founder of the site and the Mustang, the Zhangbei Music Festival great co-founder & COO; Xiao Qian, co-founder "line-height:; style= 1.75em; text-indent: 28px; color: RGB (136, 136, 136);" > in Hongjian were Wonderful speech.

" SAY :

" created in Beijing "from now to idle away in seeking pleasure founded SAY, Qingfeng witnessed the development of Chinese ten years" culture ". In his opinion "and" not "dirty", but the expression of young people and more city.

< strong> Trong> style= "line-height: Le Tong Music:

Le Tong music since the line. Help countless musicians and fans groups to realize their dream of music. Now, they are going to take this power to the next line, so that the music and the city to produce a more direct connection.

< strong> < strong> Ng>

about music festival site founder Li Hongjie is probably the most wild people have the right to speak. He served as the MIDI music festival, Modern Sky Music Festival and later production director, founder of the Zhangbei music festival. Now, he has a bigger dream: he wants technology, art and music to meet in the desert of tension.

< strong>; " Rong>

designer, is becoming more and more important role each startup, and design thinking has become an important way of thinking and learning. Great is the design thinking and the Internet technology combine together, let the designer and the city needs better together.

< strong>; " Rong> style= "line-height: flash:

the efficiency oriented city express in just two years extended to the national 40 City, and in the flash CTO in Hongjian seems to send, send flash is not only a city logistics, it is time.

Ford new Mondeo as the activities of the" geek "car, shuttle speakers is to send a joint flash
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