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editor's note: recommend are the geeks of the geek (micro signal: GeekChoice) the most The launch of new products to buy and buy a lot of different columns, articles, we do not list product parameters here, do not use the official product description, and just share the use of these products in the process of true feelings. All products that appear in the text we have personally experienced and recognized, with the increase in the experience of the product, we will be in the future to update this list.

compared to traditional wired speakers, Bluetooth speakers with without cable, easy to carry, without electricity, without tossing front etc., used to be more flexible and can adapt to more usage scenarios. But at the same time, limited to the Bluetooth audio transmission and speaker volume, Bluetooth speakers have a lot of limitations in the sound quality. a good Bluetooth speaker can remain small in volume under the premise, through the internal design of high-quality speakers, and reasonable tuning level of high, make the product has better sound quality.

need to note is that there are many strange shapes, rich features, price of less than one hundred yuan of Bluetooth speakers, including some well-known brands, but in the sound, these products generally can only rely on the "big voice" attractive to the sound style training is out of the question, the Bluetooth audio products we do not recommend you buy these "copycat" type machine.

after geeks choose (micro signal: GeekChoice ) and the long-term use of screening, we think the following eight Bluetooth speaker is worth buying.

! "Style=" max-width: 100%; box-sizing: border-box; line-height: 1.4em; word-wrap: important; > Ng>BeoPlay A1 (B& O A1)

reference price: 1898 yuan

when BeoPlay launched a 2000 yuan to the Bluetooth speaker A1, I did not expect too much of this product. After all, B& O products; never to cost known, even if it is under the banner of the consumer brand BeoPlay, has launched the product and price not what relationship, until I heard BeoPlay A1......

BeoPlay A1 and Bose Soundlink Mini

BeoPlay A1, life is good, the official claimed that a charge can play for 24 hours, 8-10 hours in the life good Bluetooth speaker, this is a very exaggerated figures. We do not have to accurately verify this data, intuitive feeling is that A1 BeoPlay's life is very very long.

! "Style=" max-width: 100%; box-sizing: border-box; line-height: 1.4em; word-wrap: important; > Ng>Bose Soundlink style= "box-sizing: border-box

reference price: 1880 yuan / 1200 yuan (licensed)

Bose Soundlink Mini Bose" to "small broad product model, it is in the same level of volume than many competing products more compact case, but have a lot of big speakers have the sound volume Phonetic features. Believe that a lot of people in the first time to hear Soundlink Mini Bose, there will be "this sound is not so small speakers out" feeling.

the first generation   Bose Soundlink Mini

currently on the market are selling mainly Bose Soundlink  Mini; the second generation products, compared to the first generation of products, Bose Soundlink Mini II have convergence in low frequency (but still more), sound more balanced, while increasing Micro USB charge, telephone answering more practical features the color became black metal color from the first generation (see below) and silver.

before heard BeoPlay A1, Bose Soundlink Mini II is always in my mind, the best sound quality small Bluetooth speaker, now have to put it in second, but Bose Soundlink Mini II also has its own advantages: low frequency "heavy" to export more Bose Soundlink Mini II can be more easily in the first time to seize your ears; compared to "round" of the BeoPlay A1, Bose Soundlink Mini II tough, traditional appearance should be more of an appetite.

G> Creative Sound Blaster Gong (SR20A)

reference price: 900-1000 yuan

Soundlink Mini II, innovation is also a Sound Blaster gongs have "good voice" products.

Creative Sound Blaster Gong is equipped with a 2.5 inch woofer and a 1.5 inch high frequency unit, each unit is equipped with a separate power amplifier. Sound, Sound Blaster gongs and Bose Soundlink Mini II are basically at the same level, in the case of a large volume of innovation, the Sound Blaster Gong's voice quality even more than Bose Soundlink Mini II but also a little bit better, this time Bose Soundlink Mini II will sound some deformation, but innovation is still able to maintain a Sound Blaster Gong good control.

Creative Sound Blaster gongs priced between 900-1000 yuan, if you don't mind the volume ratio of Bose Soundlink Mini II on a circle, the Sound Blaster Gong price is very high. Note that some users said that after the purchase, the Sound Blaster gongs are more prone to noise (we not found), if all of the background noise is more sensitive, at the time of purchase to remember.

at the end of last year, innovation launched the second generation of the Sound Blaster Gong, because we haven't heard of this product, do not do the evaluation, will have the opportunity to hear, we will be filled in this paper.

! "Style=" max-width: 100%; box-sizing: border-box; line-height: 1.4em; word-wrap: important; > Ng>UE Boom 2

reference price: 1400 yuan

UE Boom 2 is a very unique Bluetooth speaker, it adopts the design of cylinder, the bottom there is a hanging buckle (ring D), it is suitable to carry out. In addition, Boom 2  UE; life is also good, the official data is available for 15 consecutive hours, less than A1 BeoPlay, but also better than most of the Bluetooth speaker.

quality aspect, we compared the above mentioned three products, UE Boom 2 is slightly worse, some sorry it 1400 yuan now "worth", but UE Boom 2 we have a list of other products are not functions of IPX7 waterproof, we test, UE Boom 2 can be no pressure in the water for a few minutes, does not affect the use of.

we recommend UE Boom 2, but also because it guarantees a good basis for quality, achieve the waterproof ability of high level. Note that the UE Boom 2 licensed not yet listed, currently on the market mainly is the sale of the Hong Kong version.

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