It used to be a competitor of F22 that is now being demolished

F22 the opponent the three view prototype

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YF-23 fighter by the United States Northrop and Douglas - Macdonald two companies jointly designed to bid for Advanced Tactical Fighter (ATF) contract models. The United States Air Force announced on April 23, 1991 that YF-22 was superior. There are only two prototypes of YF-23 production, are no longer flying. Debut

1990 yf-23 prototype machine is shaped sci-fi pull the wind.

1990 years of the yf-23 frontal view, flat nose, hidden good air intakes, Nobel & middot; lattice said the aircraft stealth potential is even better than the YF-22.

YF-23 three views. It is 30 tons of heavy air superiority fighter, supersonic cruise, full stealth design, more prominent in the supersonic cruise capability than the YF-22, relative, the low altitude combat performance slightly inferior to the YF-22.

eventually in the selection of the United States Air Force. The yf-23 lost. After years of

as in the past twenty years, watching the yf-23 saved in the Dayton Air Force Museum -- this shape, not preserved how. ">

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