The emergency room bed dealer business is hot price ten times higher than the hospital

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The emergency room


, Union Hospital, family members of patients with the "tricks" to solve the problem of beds. Zhang Jingshu /

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Tiantan hospital foreign traders rental bed, 350 yuan a day. Wang Huixian

/ photo simple day 300 to rent beds 500 yuan rent a directly back to the

recently, some people reflect to the newspaper, the Tiantan hospital emergency room is rental beds to earn profits, these beds full stop in the corridor on both sides. Beijing Morning Post reporter survey found, the hospital emergency "multi bed less" is normal, the hospital beds on rent of 22 yuan only 51 pieces, "bed dealers" to rent a bed, to the families of 300 yuan per day to 500 yuan price to rent a hot business, directly back to the. Tiantan Hospital Services Office responded that the patient's family and vendors are not good to distinguish, supervision is difficult. The hospital bed rental for more unlicensed, area departments will inspect the evidence.

were not enough beds "bed" all kinds of

June 28th morning, the reporters came to the emergency department of the hospital building in Tiantan, the hall has been packed with patients and their families. Reporters asked whether there is an empty bed to rent, emergency registration desk duty nurse said, the house did not empty (bed) on the no." Asked whether there are other ways to rent a bed, she answered, you stare, someone back bed, you quickly come to rent."

in the emergency zone 2, a hanging bottle woman sitting on the ground to wait 12 noon transfer. She told reporters that the previous day when there is no empty bed, waiting until the second day, but also can only sit on the ground.

reporter rough statistics, the Tiantan hospital emergency department has about 27 beds, emergency room has 12 beds, emergency transfusion room has more than and 20 beds. Looking ahead, no one is empty. In addition, the reporter learned from the emergency department of the Tiantan hospital, Tiantan hospital, there are more than and 50 emergency beds in turnover, have all been rented out.

large hospital emergency transfusion room and the observation room beds tension is a common phenomenon. Reporters at the Peking Union Medical College Hospital, east hospital emergency department also found similar beds in short supply situation, the emergency hall aisle, the bubble pad fight bed can be seen everywhere.


rent "bed" price than ten times

hospital several reporters interview that many families of patients with hospital beds are from the hospital emergency service station or outside the hospital rented small traders hands.

in the Tiantan hospital, the daily rent is 22 yuan per bed, a deposit of 200 yuan. And in the hospital, such as hospital rental bed price is five yuan per hour, a deposit of 700 yuan. Union hospital emergency department has no such leasing services. Even if the hospital has a bed can rent is also in short supply, so in the hospital, to provide rental bed service vendors shouted at high prices. The emergency door

Tiantan hospital, a medical staff dressed in overalls wearing glasses man told reporters, "it can rent a bed, 350 dollars a day, private." Then he waved to a middle-aged man with a gray coat, pointing to the reporter and said to him, "this is to rent a bed".

then, reporters followed the name of gray man came to the gate of the hospital across the street, see on the sidewalk every few meters placed a few pieces of painted white iron, with wheels at the bottom of both sides of the fence. Man said the bed can promote the hospital, rent 350, 500 deposit, second days to 8 days in the morning".

also, the Union Hospital, a high price to rent a bed in the vicinity of the emergency building. Out of the hospital gate, behind a cart, a wheeled metal bed, covered with disposable medical sheets. A man told reporters that the rent, every 12 hours 500 dollars, over an hour has to be calculated by 12 hours. Deposit 500, there is a receipt, you rest assured, we can not run, all year round here."

reporter in some medical supplies stores and shopping sites to consult, general medical wheeled bed is priced at two hundred or three hundred yuan to 1000 yuan per month, while in private hands one day rent price of 300 yuan to 500 yuan.

a lot of families of patients to rent beds told reporters that even if it is expensive, but also to rent. "Here (leg) howled with pain, not a bed can do it?" Family members of two patients with fracture of the leg. Another patient told reporters, "even if they took the deposit we ran."

with the

in the hospital bed can have difficulty

own supervision from the rent bed can smoothly in the hospital? A security guard at Tiantan hospital outpatient department said, as long as the treatment procedures, whether it is outside the hospital to rent or to buy their own belt wheel bed, folding bed, can be used in the hospital, but patients need a simple registration information. And the union hospital security is pointing to the patient from the outside of the hall rented a round bed, said, so that can come in, whether it is rented or bought."

Tiantan hospital service office staff told reporters, the hospital to and often people too much, not good to ask people in the end is the patient's family or to do business, supervision is difficult."

for the price of the hospital rental bed, the reporter called the price supervision hotline, the other said the operator can operate independently of the provisions of the price, not by the government departments. In the vicinity of the Tiantan hospital and union hospital to do the business of renting a small business, the reporter called the Beijing urban management hotline to reflect, the staff said the situation will be on-site verification.

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