MissA show wisdom to buy 3 billion 700 million won building debut 6 years will become the owner of the real estate

Real estate

xingmingwanghanyusudi· 2016-07-05 11:59:37

according to some media reports 5 days, miss A member Suzy in April in the name of a person to buy a place located in Seoul Jiangnan 30% hole building debut only 6 years to become a real estate owner.

it is reported that the building is a 5 on the ground floor, building 2 layer underground, covers an area of 65.94 square, the total construction area of 186.35 Ping (1 Ping about 3.3 square meters), the market value of 3 billion 700 million won, bought by Suzy personally, at the same time apply for loans 1 billion 700 million. The building was completed in 2012, only three minutes walk from the subway station, location, the monthly rental income is expected to 15 million won, annual yield of up to 5.6%.

Suzy on 2012 to the miss A membership debut, starred in "Introduction to architecture" after the promotion national love, advertising surge, income of more than 10 billion won. In addition, she and Jin Yubin starred in the KBS drama "attachment" debuted in July 6th will be arbitrary. Wang Rong / Wen BNT news DB/ figure

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