The 3A's "destiny" model is beautiful


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Note that

love "destiny" to the friends, 3A will launch this year a few models will be robbed of your wallet. 3A last year launched the "fate" of the Titan in this occupation, will begin this year to provide

(Warlock) and Hunter (Hunter) these two career models. And each model has three different colors and weapons versions, respectively, will be in the 3A mall, Bungie official shop and general retail outlets for sale.

this series of models are priced at $190, the proportion of 1:6, the global package mail. Where the wizard will start booking from July 7th, and the hunter will start from July 21st.

"version of the

" Bungie version of the

the warlock, 3A mall version of

" hunter, general retailer version of

"3A store version of

" Bungie store version of

source: worldofthreea

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