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lead: West is the western part of the United States, and all over the world are in the west, her desolate and uninhabited, she in the legal and political edge, is a moral wasteland is the cradle of justice and courage, is the essence of disorder park also shows free...... However, all that, those "and" seems to have been like floating smoke and passing clouds.

from the bottom of the ass...... No, talking about the western movies, friends, do you know Mccrea?


well, what seems to be wrong. But after such a long ass influence, we all know the image of Mccrea is mainly from the "dollars Trilogy", the classic cowboy gunman dress, classic revolver, pasta classic westerns, well, yes, the United States western they are not serious, and the flow of Italy descent - but I really read the first western film, but neither the United States nor, Italy, but from the neon "Yojimbo".

today looks, three ships out of Mccrea van

(funny "Yojimbo", the title is intended to bodyguards or thugs, 1961 in the day of the release, the film master Kurosawa, light is the name of Kurosawa, can make people understand the height. This film is a Japanese martial arts entertainment peak, is the most classic Western model, is the "first" dollars Trilogy "wilderness biaoke (A Fistful Of Dollars (Red)" and "Dead" is not a remake of the object (or series) did not give money to the details, "reference" too strict in demands for now, is estimated to be criticized by people copied). "

" Yojimbo stories and other Westerns like simple, simple to I can take nearly two hours of the story did not hesitate to compress a ronin killing rogue use unscrupulous divisive tactics throughout the town to town a calm "in a word, she is really so simple, but she is a western great, her elegant details, scene props unique Japanese style but has a" grey West "some of the sand and misery, the confusion of the town is the most classic western movie scene (small but complete, has a certain marginal independence in administrative areas or institutions).

samurai and ugly Yin factions in the town road "Yojimbo"

exchange of hostages is said to be a classical Western template, seemingly superficial routine straightforward plot, excellent camera performance and also shows a spirit we will get the. The film's protagonist, considerate and warmhearted knight, he jiwuruchou, he rescued a gambler generous in aiding needy people, his family also put the town's Rogue all clean, to this once destruction may be in the town of new doomed eternally. Of course, if starting from the classical view that the stranger is definitely not for the local people in the future to make a choice, here we first use the knight morally and practically the town do everything reasonable, let us look at the town (if you read "the wilderness biaoke" so you can see the town is no sense of violation and into "Yojimbo"). The brothel casinos as the armed group, wine Draper backed two illegal Mafia forces struggle to whitewash government officials, deception, with a minimum face job, but at the beginning of the film: the essence of the lawless brothel owner asked his son to kill them to hire the protagonist, kill this able ronin can save 50 two she also said that gold, non-toxic, husband and son, boss of samurai also echoed his wife's statement, no convincing before leading scholar.

is the hackneyed and stereotyped expressions, but......

Samurai said no, but it is correct, the edge of the town, the gangsters like town, the coward is not live, and the son good-for-nothing precisely the kind of guy, if he really can have the courage to kill the samurai, there may be different in the future.

this scene of a family of three collogue (although nothing secret) let me really feel this BGM happy is not a strange martial arts comedy drama, even if there are countless, to dare not fight only blind bragging colored punks, this film is still realistic and cruel. The two sides did not rush stalemate nor really want to behave, they are really big hoodlum, careful, and a small local rich in worldly wisdom, smooth. The unruly mob is barren land to establish typical maker of the "West" is their paradise, although their bravery is not justice, but also laid the foundation for the town to survive, if there is a large number of anti social in the civilized world will survive and wanted and they were forced by life, only to the law in order to survive has rarely been touched, even here, they have made no small achievement...... No, maybe it is not the same, some people simply pioneer offspring, this is the west, take any dare to embark on her land to the west, changed the good survival of offspring, like a samurai's son, he had to learn how to survive, what time to compromise, what time to give up. They are living on the edge of the moral law, for the "cold" is also the most indifferent.

this can let a person think of "high noon" in the timid cowardly judge, townspeople and the drift seems a brave man.

to be called "justice" and said that the honor to join, no company will simply exit the

even with the sergeant Kaine to join the "disillusioned" that is nothing against.

, some people still rely on people to fight the casualties and opportunistic to earn money, this is the western classical coffin Terrier, "Yojimbo" in the coffin shop the boss Business Flourishes earlier, "noon" also has a barber shop owner urgent coffin.

Uno Suke because they buy the coffin's and

but the world is pleased with oneself to keep good people, there is a hero, they do not bow to evil (this is the sense of the times, but the feeling is accurate).

"Mary" hotelier

and the justice, in this "Yojimbo" is in the thirty ronin Chun Lang, no horse, no gun, but with western freedom and justice. With the angel of justice, western is complete, even when a counter type "gold three dollars", "good" also be forthright.

this is the year of the Western limit, although in the law of God and the people, but also retains the bottom line, for morality and justice, there is always someone dares to stand up to the evil, there is always someone singing freedom, chaos always has the seed of light, even a disgraceful, they're struggling they do not yield, do not bow.

- maybe expectations, but they still think someone can stand up for justice.

since the rise of Western Italy film, while creating a lot of classic, but also cannot restore western decline. There are a lot of

, big pioneer days gone for ever, once the west only exists in people's memory, nomadic to settle peacefully, city jungle expansion, the government for the remote town of control force, expand the Federal Bureau of investigation authority...... Wait, wait, wait.

but maybe people just have bored once the routine.

business until 1989 Kevin Costner's "dances with Wolves", just let the westerns find little face, followed by Costner's post apocalyptic science fiction works "future water world" and "the postman" (The Postman) he is also a continuation of the West singlehero style, but Costner also because of his strong personal heroism and film criticism. This may be an important reason for the decline of the west.

people don't think there will be the kind of save the town's cowboy appeared. People think that individual strength is weak, the knight of the lonely is making a fuss, that brave hero becomes a resort to deceit, people believe that the government, no end of trouble for the future, I believe there is always someone out of treatment (although this trust can not Chinese and compared for the United States is already to be a big "progress"), and not is their own. In fact, the

in "high noon" have been reflected, compared to other works, "have the courage to violence against people in a There is not much left. noon", the courage cannot be a lifetime creed, suffered crime bitter day might be a distant memory, and today the evil may be just a coincidence, but a calm, this kind of crime and crime frequency mistake and forgetting of the old times is true, as the judge said, the people of Athens to welcome back the tyrant, if not Kaine, the town will also welcome back Frank Miller.

this kind of cowardly some play to the extreme, and even hate will save their hero, hope that the hero is no longer, the hero's character also will die out. Maybe just low self-esteem, perhaps because of jealousy.

in an attempt to force Kaine to leave Kaine Harvey

heart afraid to let Harvey feel timid and utilitarian justification, but Kaine still made their own choice.

peaceful life so that people are docile, let people be friendly, this is good, the world is more beautiful, but the more bright, dark, the more dark, the more long in the light, the resistance to the dark more recession.

so far, people are tired in the past time, "no country for old men" can be said to be almost as. New classic Westerns -

(No Country for Old for "Men

") "no country for old men" adapted from Cormack Macarthy's novel of the same name, released in 2007, the Cohen brothers guide. A famous writer, a famous film director, but compared to the natural honor list, be not of the common sort, I want to see the West today from this film. The

still exists, exists in the United States, in Sicily, exists in the northwest of China, but today the West West and the past cannot be mention in the same breath, "people are more law-abiding, but the crime rate and the security is really good? Otherwise, violent crime is more brutal, the former cowboy duel instead appears to have so little care.

story happened in 80s, but for the people at that time, the old West is the ancestral memory.

film at the beginning of Tommy Lee Jones's monologue can be described as a clear expression of the theme of the film - Country for Old Men No.

old Sheriff with his pure southern accent talking about parents' era, when a senior law enforcement but never a gun, that's hard to imagine people to speak the truth, the bottom line. Maybe when the crime because of the life force and impulse, that seems to be the ideal time, but that time is not the old sheriff, he is hard to imagine why older people can do it, he compared his own experience, he began to tell an electric chair execution boy story: boy killed a girl, murder is not out of impulse, but the boy for killing desire. Boy is the old captain can not understand the monster, but this era has created countless such a crime to let the old sheriff.

has stressed the sheriff you are not afraid to admit no courage to explore the unknown and

haven't seen the film for a monologue up obviously puzzled, but the essence lies in this, this is the the old Sheriff whispers lamented, the world has changed, the west is not his father's west.

what changed the "West"?

what has changed? Maybe everything has changed, maybe nothing has changed...... Although

often habitual negative association with the production and life changes of moral and social activities between, but we all know that contact is real, people do not want to make pessimistic prediction on the future of morality (although the Rousseau era had "on science and art"), crime is apparently not escape the clutches of the times. The core of the two million U.S. dollars, is drug money, "drug" is obviously an answer to our work.

drug trade led to a brutal melee, even the dogs were killed

and Western drugs, the drug trade in the Mexican border, today is already known, we wonder that the film surface of the protagonist, cowboy Wei Ling he apparently was not surprising, he experienced and careful exploration, soon found the drug is still, and the payment without trace.

cowboy took the only surviving Mexican gun, and did not give him water, and Mexican requirements has become a cowboy's heart, the retired army officer, experienced cowboy, because of conscience, because of sympathy, put yourself in a dangerous situation.

should be said to be death, his face is no human nature, only according to their own ideas on "killer".

. The employer also killed, and "the bad" like, but it is not the same as the

from A to Z killer killed several innocent people I have not carefully considered, first officer, he was stopped by passers-by, cowboy the wife Cara jean...... He is not what a creed to Chengneng in order to build a gang of bad cowboy. He seems to have a rule, and he seems to have no rules, using the method of gas homicide is also impressive, as he felt the killer's cunning and concealment.

old Sheriff always faces puzzled and confused

story plot is not complicated, cowboys running, chasing each other killer, wary of calculation, the traditional Western plot, the details are more real, no revolver showdown the gun is still shocking.

hotel is a classical and traditional confrontation

film is not the same, the cowboy is not a free and easy person can give up the goods, he has a realistic and sufficient to opinionated smart, he tried to fight against the killer, he is not he gave up the opportunity to withdraw, as long as the money is not no chance -- to protect the jeans and cowboy wife sheriff, chief operating drugs are also trying to offer cash back into, but he is blind self-confidence, and indeed the cowboy killer can be inextricably involved, finally?

is not the killer to kill, but because the mother-in-law a few words, their moment of relaxation, Mexicans.

then the sheriff took over the role of the cowboy, began a confrontation with the killer, but the police chief, the more in-depth, more fear. Room

confirmed that no man after the sheriff sighed but feel unable to

, the sheriff did not protect the cowboy's widow, she was dead and she refused to accept the killer game, her self-esteem makes her proud to the killer, also gave up the last chance she survives.

killer really exist?

Sheriff don't know, we don't know, maybe the killer is just for the lack of law and not even enough motivation of the crime.

no one can pulverise the killer, because he is not a "man", he is a symbol, even though he can not escape the unexpected accident, as if the world there is no reason whenever and wherever possible and sudden violence and aggression.

eventually the sheriff gave up and quit. Class= img_box "

retired after the old Sheriff still confused the last echo of the

film at the beginning, is still the old man's monologue. He kept up with his wife tells her dream, dream of the father, that symbol of the old West, seem to be eager to give him courage to his dead father seems to remember the asylum, bygone era.

today is no longer the evil gangsters spat, they organized, accept the guidance, seems to be better than the first step of justice. The great interest of the drug crime group let unbridled furious; causing some historical reasons and the great game is bloody extremism.

understanding of the evil and their own right to know, let people pick up gun resistance, but also for the understanding of evil and their own understanding of the right, so that people put their expectations on others who are not willing to come forward.

old sergeant of killer fear and miss that killer is not wrong, he has a wife, a house -- like people living in the town want to escape as Sheriff Kaine married, maybe that's all for the best, is to maximize the happiness......

society has changed, and the crime has changed. No one like before standing out, no wandering cowboy who magnanimous uninhibited stunt, no thirty Chun Lang, the police have integrity and intentions, but the evil feel powerless, as today's western people afraid of him; not only is the sheriff to give up, perhaps people are no longer "fantasy" there will be the people to justice.

- the "West" is no longer, memories of yesterday no longer, Country for Old Men No.

written in the last

maybe, maybe one day people will forget the west, with the knight of the west, the appreciation took up arms against the evil people of the west...... But no matter what, the image of the people living in the west, will always remain in the film on the screen.

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