In the United States to read high school is how to experience?

The United States high school looking for a teacher history lesson

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American high school is four years of system, different from Chinese high school three years. The 9 grade is equivalent to high school preparatory classes for American students, between junior high school and senior high school learning contents and teaching requirements of a large gap, so in the 9 grade this year, for the students to do a full transition to high school. By the 10 grade, students can begin to choose their own courses according to their own preferences and disciplines.

11 grade is the most important year of the whole high school four years, just as China's third year, because in maintaining the results at the same time also have to participate in a variety of university entrance exams, such as: SAT and TOEFL. Grade 12 is relatively easy, because the first half of the time is focused on the application of the University, after the first half of the university life is looking forward to.

went to the United States to study in high school, learning is not as easy as the rumors, but the school also pay attention to the balance of student learning and entertainment. American high school does not have the concept of weekend homework, weekend homework can be completed on Friday night, so the weekend there is more time to do other things they want to do. This "other things" in the study of their It differs from man to man., demanding their students can preview the course of the next week, or the university entrance exam to prepare ahead of SAT or TOEFL, but do not want to have too high requirements of the students on their own, you can spend the weekend time completely according to their own will.

American high school attaches great importance to the participation of students in sports activities, rather than to allow students to accept physical exercise, but also can be understood as the ability to train students to cooperate and leadership. Basically all American high schools require students to choose to participate in sports in the three semester of autumn, winter and spring.

American high school sports course is very professional, as long as the students took part in the sports, each sport are equipped with a special coach, every 1 to 2 hours of professional training, held every week playing in various schools. At the same time, the high strength training to enhance physical fitness, but also exercise the students' ability to cooperate. In addition, not only the movement of cooperation, the United States all aspects of high school stressed that cooperation, for example, to allow students to learn to work together to do a learning project, cooperative organizations do community volunteers.

American high school and the Chinese high school education model is very different. Students can choose according to their own preferences 5-8 class, like science students can choose to learn mathematics, like art students can choose to repair the 2-3 art class courses.

American high school schedule is the rotation of the eight hours a day. For example, on Monday, the first class is history, Tuesday history became a second day, eighth day and so on, history is a rotation timetable, then ninth days before the first lesson of history. The rotation of the students every week on schedule schedule are not the same, so that students learning plan will be different.

students if there is no class is completely free, you can choose to go to the library to do the homework, you can go to the gym, you can find the teacher exchange learning feelings, etc..

high school to study in the United States have been language and interpersonal communication, before the parents to send their children out, consider the communication ability of children in learning ability, personality is not suitable for going abroad, after all, the purpose of the United States is to learn to face many difficulties.



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