Dogs wearing uniforms wear a cap and adorable spoiled sell share kettle

Sell adorable spoiled cap wearing uniforms kettle

zhongguoxinwenwang· 2016-07-05 14:25:37

警犬穿警服戴军帽撒娇卖萌 与人共用水壶

, his name is Ding Liang, Tianjin Jixian County people, Lance Corporal rank; it is called the "babe", a German shepherd, into the camp for 6 months. In the camp, there is such a special group of members, they walk together and armed police officers and soldiers on patrol line, as the goal of the security silently. They are the soldiers of the good brothers and good partner - dogs. Let us together into the Ningbo armed police detachment Beilun Squadron, see "after 95" trainer Ding Liang and the new police story "babe". (Yin Fujun photography reports)

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