Wearing dress on the streets! Fan Bingbing Li Chen was the style

Fan Bingbing Li Chen dress style

fenghuangyule· 2016-07-05 15:14:23

users drying out photos of Li Chen and Fan Bingbing suspected

Phoenix Entertainment News on July 5th, micro-blog users' entertainment star "drying out a pair of men and women shopping photos, and a message:" guess who? "Two people in the photo in the bustling commercial area, masks and sunglasses hat armed, can be in the photo but the woman wearing similar slippers and Nightgown, really good domineering.

photo exposure, users have commented: one at a glance, Li Chen Bing Bing. "Li Chen and Bing Bing, met the morning elder brother this dress. "This look angle, can not stop the peaked cap who won't have the slightest affection. "

reported earlier:

romance public anniversary, Li Chen sun" husband and wife tree "love Fan Bingbing (pictured)

, Fan Bingbing, Li Chen (data plan)

< p> Phoenix Entertainment News on May 29th, Fan Bingbing Li Chen, a public affair coincided with the anniversary of the evening, Li Chen drying out" husband and wife tree photographs of "love girlfriend in micro-blog. He wrote in micro-blog: "today, there is no more meaning, but because of you and the United states. Love is a gift, good is a habit, thank you, to us. "Class=

" couple tree

it is reported that the two couple tree is located in the Xinjiang cocoa Sea Scenic area. They are side by side, the spring and summer are the same blue dripping, autumn, a yellow, a still green, side by side.


screenshot from micro-blog after users have a message blessing, "happy anniversary, hurry to get married", "imperceptibly already a year, must be happy oh".

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