"Red" Seoul meet not only for a haircut!

Seoul Honglei Sun

wangyiyule· 2016-07-05 15:16:30

Honglei Sun Zhang Yixing photo

NetEase entertainment reported in July 5th (text / Xiao Yi) yesterday afternoon, "the beautiful sun" Honglei Sun on the social networking platform "complaining" Zhang Yi Xing Seoul meet not invited him to dinner, and released the two photo, netizens said scared to: "scared me! I thought you and my husband made public ". Then Zhang Yixing forward, said he was losing weight and said it was nice to see you. In this interaction, netizen: "Yixing with red together how happy a little incoherent", "that directly eat mutton". Original:

Honglei Sun Yixing asked his stylist, in Seoul did not invite me to dinner please my barber, go where?

Zhang Yixing Original:

, I recently lose weight eat beef I know where the good you want to eat pork, I really do not know what to eat to see you happy.

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