MINIx5U fan League to invite you to dance with the European Cup final night

European Cup final

5Utiyu· 2016-07-05 16:31:46


as a senior fans of

on this golden age of war is very attention! Style=

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is not the only European Cup championship PK

there really fans and fans of the Wei PK

is this drop!

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high value Wei fans join Yan drops!

they don't care about the results, just enjoy the process of Carnival and joy. Style=

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or dropping of the battlefield, broadcast, analysis, scripts? Style=

Guangzhou baoze" line-height: style= MINI




co sponsored the European Cup final night

; large screen HD broadcast, as if to visit the site

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most understand the belle of the ball fans, welcome to exchange

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5U fans alliance public number

menu right below [] I want to sign up

click on [

limited, reported that full stop

(Note: a mobile phone number only two people sign)

sponsored by: 5U fans League, Tencent Guangdong Net

Associated Media: a strategic information

Associated Media: ZAKER

support unit:

time: July 10th 23:00-7 11 05:00

Venue: silk road container (Zhou door store)

Guangzhou Liwan District City Road No. 18 Guangzhou design week in Hong Kong Branch Trade and Industry Park 102J

registration number: 150 (first served basis)


after successful registration will send confirmation SMS notification, the day of the event will be with the registration SMS admission. Style= line-height: "1.5em >

7 10, 23:00 began to sign, then the scene will continue to play the game on the war, beauty and other aspects of interaction!

the activity time is late at night, please sign up the success of the fans Caution! When arrival and departure, to avoid a single walk, thank you. />

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