Messi, you're not a legend.

Messi legend

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font-size: 16px; color: RGB (64, 118, 0);" > Bailey is a legend, led the Brazil team in the invincible the world cup, black and white images freeze under the immortal, for we have not witnessed the regret;

Maradona is a legend, from Naples to the world cup on the amazing mighty hand of God, that a long yellow poster, often enough to let us tears;

we also said that the Zidane "font-size: 14px; line-height: 1.5 Em; "> is legendary, always graceful Waltz dancer but had to leave the occupation career in the last moment, but we are lucky enough to witness his dazzling brilliance, this is our generation he cherished memories.

this is a legend, when they posted a time label, is strong enough to resist the passage of time.

who can not deny Messi will be become a legend, for three consecutive years to lead Argentina into the finals, led the Barcelona MSN combination in the Iberian peninsula south storm blowing.

just America Cup final frustration, let Messi choose to leave. But we believe that he will come back, because the blue and white on his body is the sky eagle will always give a fearlessly forward. As Zidane did, when the country needs him, he will choose. This is the legend that distinguishes it from the great.  

people familiar with him know. Messi is great enough, he just needs time. We are lucky enough to be a witness to this legendary journey. when we are old, the world works will have nothing to do with us, it is beautifully framed Jersey in the cupboard, and the young Messi personally as he signed the name, will contain a sense of your strength, it through time coming. Style= font-size: "14px line-height:; 1.5em text-align:; center to every legend of the company to pay tribute to.

Messi national team signed shirt for you to sign the


Europe football carnival, Pierre one yuan candid, "

is ongoing, tonight at 10

This matter should not be delayed.," font-size: 14px; color: RGB (255, 255, 255; background-color: (RGB) 255, 41, 65); " > read the text take! Style= text-align:center "

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