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recently, A Tesla S Model electric car in the United States when the way intersection, hit a turning left of the truck. S Model's front windshield crashed into the bottom of the truck, and the driver was killed.

this is Tesla autopilot system Autopilot system since the release of the first fatal accident.

since last year released the autopilot function, Tesla became the automobile industry on behalf of black technology. Presumably you've seen Tesla owners on the Internet sitting in the driver's seat busy with all kinds of things, but it is not driving the video and video. But today, " Tesla was the accident gave a slap in the face, on the day of the announcement, Tesla shares fell 3%.

the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) also said that the car accident in this investigation, if found driving assist system for vehicle use is not safe, may be ordered to Tesla recall the future.  

If recall, Tesla will undoubtedly face a severe blow. Because the company has a factory in September 2014 after the Model S models, installed on the remote radar, front camera and ultrasonic sensor for vehicle with semi automatic and automatic driving ability of hardware devices. After the accident, Tesla's automatic driving technology in the end security is not safe, this thing we need to look at the causes of the accident.



according to media reports, the accident occurred when the road is good, the road is dry, weather and environment are not bad. This shows that there is no problem at that time, does not exist because the road slippery and other objective reasons lead to the vehicle out of control. Therefore, the problem can only be in the automatic driving system. Public information, Tesla stressed that this is a special case of accident caused by their response, "in the strong sunshine, the driver and the autopilot are failed to notice the trailer car white body , therefore failed to activate the brakes system. Because the trailer is across the road, and the body is higher, this special situation led to the S Model from the bottom of the trailer through the front windshield and the impact of the bottom of the trailer."

from Tesla's response look, Autopilot is a serious problem of" line-height: . The so-called strong sunshine, white body, is the concept of optics. Autopilot ignored the existence of the truck, indicating that style= line-height: "1.75em Tesla's camera system has problems . But radar and ultrasonic sensors will not be affected by the light and color, why they did not detect the presence of the truck?

may be a vehicle mounted sensor detection range is limited, said here is not a limited distance, but the height. Tesla's detectors are basically installed at the bottom of the vehicle, while the large truck chassis is very high, suddenly out of the truck body is likely not to enter the sensor and radar detection range.

there is a possibility of Tesla is lying, sensors detect the scope of no problem, recognition to the truck's existence, the problem is artificial intelligence automatic driving system of tesla.


is the autopilot, is only semi automatic

actually someone's son by eight Tesla Autopilot system test. The results show that the system is more suitable for the "semi-automatic driving". Because during the test, once the complicated road conditions, or collision of the traffic signs, this system will make the wrong decision, ultimately need people to correct .

in fact, rather than Autopilot and no Tesla driving close to, let's say it is more like automatic cruise control with variable channel.

cruise is a very ancient function in automobile industry. Development so far, about 100 thousand of the family car, have been equipped with this feature. combined with automatic car with the car and emergency hit, the vehicle can be achieved under the automatic driving straight. That is to say, on the highway, even if the driver does not operate, the car can also be automatically run in the existing lane. Style= line-height: "inherit

the function logic is very simple: as long as the long-range radar can detect the rear side, front side of the vehicle, the ultrasonic sensor judged the situation around, the calculation speed can be completed.

so, Tesla called the autopilot function, relies on 12 ultrasonic sensors and remote radar and front camera data acquisition is the main lane data, vehicle data and ground traffic mark. These data acquisition is correct, Tesla's artificial intelligence to play a role. Data acquisition is wrong, or artificial intelligence to determine the problem, the car accident is difficult to avoid.

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is the auxiliary system can collect the information collected, at a critical time, given a warning.  

Second let auto respond. For example, automatic emergency brake (AEB),

third stage" font-size: 14px; line-height: inherit; color: RGB (136, 136, 136); "> is in the driver's monitoring of the situation, let the car to provide automatic control of long time or short time running. Tesla called unmanned belong to this stage of

fourth stage is fully automatic driving, without requiring the driver monitoring of the situation, to fully realize the automatic driving a car can.  

inherit; font-family: _gb2312 simkai; italics, italics, font-size: 12px; color: RGB (214, 168, 65);" > "Queen of the Internet" and Ali Mikel on the Internet in 2016 the report cited the National Road Traffic Classification of Road Safety Bureau on unmanned, the highest stage of unmanned and is subdivided into two types of

at present, car companies are basically at the level of the mainstream progressive route between the second stages and third stages. Tesla belongs to the third phase. Because the fourth phase of the vehicle will not allow the accident occurred: high precision laser radar in 200 meters away from the perception of the truck's location and speed. Graphics recognition can also identify a large truck, high precision 3D map to know the road ahead is uphill or downhill, the speed is expected to be how to. Depth study of human driving experience of highly artificial intelligence will make the right judgment. For example, to accelerate away from the big truck.  

although the principle and practical driving effect, Tesla seems to distance the fourth stage is not far away, but from unmanned from third stages to fourth stages completely unmanned there is a huge gap. And truly reach the unmanned stage, the need to high-precision laser radar detection, image recognition, traffic identification, 3D high precision map, artificial intelligence, depth of study can be achieved.

now, Google and Baidu developed unmanned vehicles are at the fourth stage, but even so, the technology is still not mature. At the end of this year, Google has just expanded its test range to third cities in the city of Kirk, Washington state in the northwestern United States. According to Google, the city high rainfall, compared to the previous test site terrain is more complex, they want to get in the different environment, traffic pattern and traffic under the unmanned vehicle testing experience. Prior to this, Google has been the headquarters of the California mountain view unmanned vehicle test, until last year opened up the Dezhou Austen city test site, the two test sites are relatively simple road conditions.

but it is regrettable that Google unmanned vehicle seems to be even a simple road conditions are not completely control, Valentine's day this year, Google unmanned vehicle in California crashed into a bus this is the first time, Google unmanned vehicle completely bear responsibility for the accident. At that time the road is not complicated, the Google unmanned vehicle speed of only two miles per hour. Prior to this report also showed that Google no car every 9600 km will be a traffic accident, which is far more than the frequency of human drivers accident.

automatic driving and unmanned, also cannot rely on live?

although the present situation is not optimistic, but we cannot give up the exploration of unmanned technology, in the long run, mature unmanned than driving safer. Style= text-align: "justify margin-top:; 20px margin-bottom:; 20px line-height:; 1.75em

in addition, even if humans do not drink, will also have a grudge car, driver fatigue and other issues, and the computer system without fatigue, drunk driving, drunk driving, mood.

the drone's popularity, can realize the car Internet, every car around the car to know what you want to do, to form a mutual perception system. To the car and car Internet unmanned stage, near the road on the car will form a whole system, each selection strategy, the accident will not happen.

so is unmanned not safe, only Tesla currently assisted third phase of driving is not safe enough.

actually Tesla is also requires the user to hand cannot leave the steering wheel, if the accident alert the driver, failure of the actual Autopilot system Tesla, people should also control the car to avoid the accident.

the supervision department of the accident investigation results have not been released, but the authorities have a duty to Tesla car re testing, because the accident can not be excluded people do reflect, but Autopilot refused to control the car may be human.

is only for those who love to drive without doing the Tesla owners, the survey clearly before or the first auxiliary driving off is wonderful.

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