The third small table A round sprint classes starting in July 22nd, the strongest A round CEO waiting for you to join the community!

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third small table

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  at the end of last year, a small range of small table launched A round sprint class , we find the brightest master, exclusive of curriculum development, in order to fully solve the problems facing the stage of CEO. And the establishment of domestic highest quality A round CEO community .

; style= font-size: 13px; "> after half a year of grinding, A round sprint classes in May of this year officially launched and rave reviews! CEO bit 36 here not only to learn the A round of the necessary stage of the actual combat skills, but also met a group of small partners to fight together, the harvest of valuable friendship. Everyone here to achieve cooperation, mutual encouragement, get financing, access to media reports, solve a series of problems in the development of the company. The second session of the A CEO library. The shift table friend ginger bud about the course review article "business class surplus times, the heart is the only"

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7 22 , third A wheel sprint classes will be officially class . We invited to the practical experience of experts in various fields are the depth of interactive lectures, at the same time, also invited capital founding partner with pleasure as Mi class tutor for home super practical face-to-face communication project dry cargo sharing. Hope that the overall CEO in the stage of strategic development, financing laws, team building, product operations, brand promotion and other aspects of providing practical guidance. In addition to comprehensive curriculum system and content you will harvest dry cargo, dozens of other friends of the table classmate friendship, and make outstanding entrepreneurial have graduated from the A shift!


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(1) :A round, start-up companies need close attention to what

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  • style= "color: RGB Tutor: wear Mi , pleasure capital founding partner, which had associated capital vice president, director of investment. In 2015, the TMT core team Liu Erhai Yuanjun linked capital, Dai, Li Xiao - co-founder of the pleasure of capital, since the founding of the capital has invested in China including the pleasure of car, car, Wei way tiger car network star enterprise. Dai Ling portfolio includes Wish, ZEPP, Blue Rhino, lithography era, business software etc..

  • 15px; (two) financing, legal and fiscal : Interpretation of the depth of the capital market, learning A round of financing skills, legal and tax dry cargo, help you avoid the risk of financing, acceleration.

    A round of financing strategy and valuation system, "style= display: inline-block"; height: 2em; width: 0.5E M; vertical-align: top; border-left-width: 0.5em; border-left-style: solid; border-left-color: RGB (71, 193, 168); box-sizing: border-box; border-top-width: important; border-top-style: 1em! Solid! Important; border-top-color: important; border-bottom-width: transparent! 1em! Important; border-bottom-style: important; border-bottom-color: solid! Transparent! Important; ">
    • Tutor: Cherry, a small table, head of FA. Before Shun for the fund investors, shot through the building blocks boxes, 51 credit cards, eight hundred discount, Royal mud square, and other items. In order to help the small table, cash, gold bus wallet, lightning protection, purchase, Goku and other projects to get financing Yin qing.

    startup A round of the compliance operations and risk prevention and control of
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    • Tutor: small table legal person in charge, the original Jin Du Firm capital market securities sponsored by the Ministry of lawyer, has helped more than and 30 companies introduce investors, professional investment institutions on behalf of more than and 20 investment, representing more than and 10 companies to complete the domestic and foreign market, has a wealth of experience in the field of capital market.

    A CEO round of venture capital taxation concept
    • Tutor: , founder and easy background. Served as the largest local accounting firm partner, senior four background, has helped a number of companies IPO.

    15px; (three) : from multiple angles of recruitment, interview, team management, CEO leadership, teaching practical skills, comprehensive solution team the problem facing the stage of CEO

    team building and management: efficient recruitment and talent building architecture
    • Tutor: in , iron partner, responsible for the company's human resources management and strategic planning. Has worked in P& G, as a senior manager of R & D, responsible for consumer demand insight, research and product design. Graduated from Nankai University.

    • (James FENG) Feng Yong , engaged in Internet value observation and consulting for over ten years, Executive Presentation Associates (EPA) founder, Sina strategic innovation and development Consultant, micro-blog business consultant. Dedicated to the research field of Internet entrepreneurs and business leaders thought and language power, help entrepreneurs build team of faith, value orientation, depicted in the vision of foreign, commercial brand extension and value.

    15px; (four) products and operation of the : closely critical product life cycle, bring is product and operation method of the theory. Let style=

    Internet product planning, operation and trader
    • Tutor: Luke, learning community of three classes of the founder and CEO of domestic new product, the Alibaba has served as senior product manager, Jiayuan product director, Baidu products the architect and other staff, leading design products including recruitment resume center,, the new Baidu home page and Baidu phoenix nest - Chunhua products.

    15px; (five) the : how to use the most economical way, let the product occupied by the user's mental high

  • guide; Teacher: " "font-size: 14px style= source stone media founder, 10 years experience in marketing industry chain, "poor marketing pioneer, nearly 100 companies involved in the planning of marketing, now provide service more than and 30 company.

  • 15px; (six) the Internet entrepreneurship : a comprehensive upgrade of the small table table", "town artifact team experience high strength and burning brain extreme physical and psychological pressure of entrepreneurship, help you sort out the pit on the road of entrepreneurship!

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