940 wonderful about (26): charming French dark horse galloping


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   " this morning, Boateng scored outstanding performance, in the case of team leading 1:0 in the area, with open arms, with a seemingly handball moves to keep Italy penalty equaliser, but also the same When we let Star Sports broadcaster " 940 wonderful about (SMG month) "series maintained five red. Unfortunately, the 119 minute of the match, the command staid Conti put on the "slag" of the slag, not into the penalty, but also ruined by Buffon saves other penalty and create a great opportunity, so solemn and stirring out Italy! In addition, according to statistics, after this round of the penalty shootout, the tournament, all Premier League penalty without exception, all missed! Let we look back and forth in the game highlights!

    at three tomorrow morning, France will host the tournament against the biggest dark horse of the Iceland team in the St. Danny stadium, how to play this game? Dark horse also can continue to move forward? Five star sports broadcast "940 wonderful about (the month of competition)" in the twenty-sixth period, Xiao Ming to predict the trend of the game.

prediction: Iceland unbeaten.

first for the French team, their main defender and midfielder Kanter Lamy suspended, but given the depth of France, believe they have no impact on the strength of almost. After a few games, the French team has been used 433 and 4231 between the swing back and forth, 16 match against Ireland in the second half team best 45 minutes, but no other number goal time highlights. Throughout the European Cup, France seems to only play half strike, facing the Iceland bus, probably accounted for less than what is cheap. Style= font-size: "14px

it is particularly worth mentioning is that before the game, Iceland is in a passive situation, most of the time in the opener Portugal, their ball control rate was only 29.6%, the number of shots 4 than 26 in absolute disadvantage, but they still draw opponents. The second round of the face of weaker Hungary, team has only 33% of the rate of the ball, the game play is the 1 1 draw with rivals only feet. And the group stage third games against Austria, their possession rate is only 37%, the number of shots is 9 to 23 at a disadvantage, and finally Iceland has become a winner. A lot of beyond their strength to face the England team, Iceland still repeat the stock tricks 31% ball rate, with the win. in addition, in the low rate of the ball behind the Iceland audience had 62 steals interception, this data is almost the England team 3 times (21 times). in high steals that Deschamps teams should also accounted for less than what is cheap.

come to talk about the data, close to Beijing at 20:40, the game average day 1.44-4.37-7.9, and England before the battle of Iceland's data is very similar, and the game" font-family: Microsoft YaHei ( ) wins odds from chupan 8.65 down to 7.9, while the China SMG wins odds from official chupan 9.7 to the current 6.35, the global gaming professional institutions are very afraid of visible Iceland wins.

however, France is host, and even substitute Marshall paillet Gregory Saltzman etc. genius may at any time spirit light show, to give the fans a surprise!

at present, Gregory Saltzman scored three goals, tied for the championship top scorer as Baer, he can further obtain the European Championship Golden boot?

7 4 April (Monday) 3:00 euro 1/4 final France VS Iceland

; Star Sports Radio (FM940SPORTS)

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