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this is what I spent two years learning about how to study. I succeeded in getting a great honor among 8000 students from many different schools. In our college, I did it in less than 2 months.

talking about my learning method before two research worth sharing. The first is about the person's memory curve, the second is about the person's focus length.

the first research tells us that when you read something, in your memory, you read or hear this part is fresh, the memory curve is horizontal at 100% points. But it's slowly declining over time. When you recall a day later, the connection is enhanced. Compared to not to recall, the decline is very slow. Every time you think of something you want to remember, the speed of decline is diminished. See below:

second of the length of time on people's attention.

from above, you can clearly see that the degree of attention people in 30-45 minutes after only 30%. Roughly the time of a class in the school. The time for a college class is up to an hour. Slowly increase the time, but an hour later, it is best to spend a few minutes to do something else to do, after the spirit of the recovery to 90% of the concentration and then began the work of the original.

another important thing about memory is a subject to multiple sources. There are two benefits to this, and a sense of boredom is reduced and there are different aspects of the same situation. The latter increases the hidden factors of information from different areas of the request of thinking. Your brain and more information to establish links, information is more likely to stay in your mind.

  • another important consideration is the effective time. For some, it may not be the same, but for most people the morning is the most efficient time. Style= max-width: "

  • remember to keep warm at room temperature. This will help focus attention.

in doing a lot of research on learning methods, I made a plan, the plan with time and results more and more refined. Here is a plan with my own research and experience.

! Plan and manage your learning

  1. make a timetable; I was 11 study hours. It is the first step to success. I am a person who has a strong interest in learning, so most of my time is used to study, you may not have such a long learning time. Because I was addicted to learning and I hope to realize their dreams through learning. I was born in a poor family, I know that if I do not work hard, I have no way to live a good life. After entering college, I was able to continue my free study. I also received a government scholarship and more specialized training and motivation to study, and of course a genius award.

  2. in a human subject (subject) on 40 minutes, a maximum of 1 hours. Every 40 minutes or an hour for a change of your study materials or courses. But slowly you need to increase the time to 2 hours. That's what I did.

  3. in view of yesterday's theme, start by learning new things in the way schedule. Most of the chapters in the back of the book have a reference to the previous chapter. At the beginning, learn something new to give you hope and make you more motivated. Style= max-width: "

  4. don't always learn the same thing, rest for 5 to 10 minutes. During this time can add some chocolate, fruits and vitamins. You can do something to sit and stand out to see the nature of interactive actions, or other natural landscape, in order to restore energy. It's like when you start an application on the computer desktop right click to refresh the same.

  5. a subject, learning three times a day, to meet the schedule design each subject every three rotations. Style= max-width: "

  6. in the first round of notes, in the second round to practice again and so on. Note should not just be a complete copy of the textbook.

  7. after every period of time (up to two weeks), re allocation schedule for your study. Or a week to do a test, according to the results of re arrange the time. Style= max-width: "

  8. arrange for a period of time in the schedule.

  9. finally in the schedule, to arrange a little extra time, you see today's lesson. Style= max-width: "

  10. second days, starting from the view of the subject of yesterday's study. But not in the beginning of the study to do the test. From the beginning to the end to slowly increase the difficulty.

  11. to important and important subjects (or difficult and easy subjects) do a statistical time division, the use of statistical methods. For example, according to the difficulty level, to assign each subject like 40%, 60% of the time.

  12. if learning things at home or in laboratory easily, don't miss it. My biological study, try to do a tree tree, just try again, but in the end what no results. I programmed the simulation physics concept, which is very helpful.

subject specific learning method

  1. math, try to solve the problem. If you fail, you will begin to review those books to help you personally. After you have completed your copy, you will have a missing part. This is called "learning by hand" rather than by the brain. This is because, sometimes an answer will tell you the solution of mathematics.

  2. to learn physics, began to write the theme of equality, to prove it on paper (mathematical methods above), then is the study of the theory. Attach the equation to the title. Style= max-width: "

  3. learn English, put the difficult words in the notebook. Give priority to these words.

  4. learning theory courses, reading a lot of the same theme of different source, read your books, read Wikipedia, there are other books. This is a simple and useful method. Don't read only your text books, it will only make you bored, and you will not have a deep memory.

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  1. in one week before the examination, stop exam preparation. Design your own test schedule so you don't need to be prepared for the week before the first exam. Really helpful. Style= max-width: "

  2. relaxing Pro forma. You know in your heart that you have a week of spare time. Style= max-width: "

  3. a week of extra preparation. Last week's exam week is worth more than a month. Anything you do this week can be especially encouraging to you.

  4. if the examination between 2 or 3 day intervals, not a subject of entanglement. As mentioned above, this will kill the efficiency of your study and your attention. In order to focus and energy recovery, at least it should be switched to learn the course. Style= max-width: "

  5. after the exam papers, do not think that useless, put the paper thrown into the trash. You can take a look at how much you do on the test paper.

  6. you endlessly calculating in each test scores, and added to the score, it will inspire you, just like we play games like score.

  7. don't forget method of energy and energy recovery of the brain, is during the examination exercise and healthy food.

  1. love that song. Listen to some of the drums and moving music such as "NAAN" WAVIN - FLAG 'K".

  2. to spend some time to enjoy the spiritual world or alone, it is very important for a variety of reasons.

  3. do sports or exercise, but not too much

  4. in ordinary life to eat a variety of foods, especially in the rest of the time. Style= max-width: "

  5. sometimes listen to news. If you listen to English, listen to BBC.

  6. and children play, they also learn, observe them and their interests. Style= max-width: "

  7. if possible, take some time to teach others. If you can teach you how to teach yourself, of course the best. Style= max-width: "

  8. in addition to learning other things to give you a list of things. It's important for you to reduce your concentration and reduce the burden of your brain. Style= max-width: "

* if you notice first don't I write love listening to music, for the details I mean we ought to do not be distracted outside and create a creative thinking in our hearts. Concentrate all your energy to study when you are studying! Do one thing at a time. Don't be distracted by the phone next to you or open the FaceBook page.

best wishes!

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