We all wrote this composition.


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I remember a few years ago the old school, far from home, short and small house, in front of the open space is the playground. In the winter, my father wore a cold wind on the back of a shallow kick back to school, I hide in the back to listen to the wind whistling...... He is like a mountain, a shelter for me in front of.

later, the new school was completed, he won't back I go to school. The classroom is very beautiful, the new blackboard, neat class and chairs, through the glass can see the blue sky and white clouds. On the big playground, there is a table tennis table, basketball basket...... We are in this class, playing games. Come to school early every day, the group to clean the campus, because the teacher said that this is our home, we are here flowers.

before school, eating is a problem. My father always said: do not eat rice, no power of learning. The family is poor, the school didn't have a dining room. His magic, a hot meal in the winter. He went to work, still worried about who sent me a meal. However, the new school to solve this problem, whether in winter or summer, food is always warm, pleasant smelling canteen uncle aunt a good and sweet, take us as their own children.

in the school, the teacher taught me read, also learned to write. I told dad to miss him. I hope he can come back earlier this year and we have the new year. A few days ago received a reply, he told me that I would write this thing is very happy, told me to study hard, to treat the teacher to be polite, because the teacher is very hard.

a teacher for a day is a father for a lifetime. Back in school these days, my teacher is like a father to care for me. SUPOR can read in primary school, meet a group of partners, studying with a teacher, father said he is at ease. In the mountains, learning from all aspects of life, and I enjoy from the "father" in their love, care, thrive.

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father back you go to school, although is a small thing to bring food to you, but you can feel from his father's love, and" RGB (51, 51, 51); font-family: Microsoft YaHei; font-size: 15px Justify; text-align: line-height:; 24px; "father likened to a mountain , it is appropriate to style= font-size:" 15px >.

there are nearly 20 , there are thousands of kids like you, they are your brothers sister. I hope you can study hard in such a big family, under the care of teachers, aunts and uncles to thrive.

SUPOR (SuporBrand)

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We all wrote this composition.

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