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three years ago, a small team from Portland Fullbright Company (Gone Home) with the "home" to allow people to re-examine the design concept of narrative game. "Home" is a first person to explore the narrative game. The actress went home to visit relatives, found that home was empty, and explore in the room, you will find all the clues, such as telephone messages or notes. By collecting these clues, you will be able to learn the truth behind the story.

game is very clever on some classic horror game elements, such as empty house and in the news of the murder, let the story itself with a sense of mystery, so that you won't feel boring and want to know the truth of the story. But in fact, when you know the truth, and will find the game about is actually a simple and touching story: "home" is not a horror game, but a discussion of friendship, music and love of the game.

Fullbright as Company's debut, "home" and "Dear Esther (Dear Esther)" injected a fresh blood for interactive game plot. Subsequently, a large number of Similar Games began to appear, and now the players call them as walking simulator". These games rely on text, voice and music to arouse your emotions, not the traditional game in those puzzles and combat elements, is the pursuit of a more abstract and enlightening experience.

the game once caused a discussion and Reflection on the traditional game industry game design pattern, also appeared in this process is similar to a large number of excellent works. In the "fire", "fragments" and his "cancer like dragon" and other games, we can see the shadow of "home".

"home" can be described as the type of game in the leader, and now Company Fullbright and for us to bring their latest work, "Tacoma". The game is set in a space station. The space station between the earth and the moon, called Tacoma moon station (Tacoma Lunar Transfer Station). The space station long stationed 6 full-time staff, and equipped with a Odin AI assistant, it will help the human management of space station all electronic equipment.

and in a later accident, all staff were forced to evacuate the Tacoma space station. After the accident, the owners of the Corporation Amy Ferrier Venturis to restore the hero to restore the Odin memory of the information, and the game is from here.

new sci-fi set

note that this is a first person story to explore the game, in the game you have to do is to explore and collect information, and finally put together a story of the whole story. But the mechanism of the game and the "home" has a lot of different. Tacoma space station everywhere are equipped with a AR camera, and they recorded all the things happened in the space station in Tacoma. In addition, each staff member has a camera device on the head, so players can also see the image from their perspective. The hero after finding these image data, can gradually learn from the events of the hows and whys.

"home" to borrow a lot of elements of the horror game, and "Tacoma" is used in many of the common set of science fiction game. People have abandoned the space station in confined space, hard to fathom artificial intelligence program, lonely space workers, these have in many science fiction movies and games are frequently used in the subject. Fullbright still has a lot of effort in the shape of the space station. Tacoma station is the center of a gravity free zone, while the peripheral is normal gravity ring, which is obviously from the design of "2001 Space Odyssey" in, and in the "2001 Space Odyssey" also has a AI computer control station.

is like all the classic works of science fiction, in the "Tacoma" will also appear in a radical technology company called Venturis Corporation. When you have just entered the space station, you will hear a welcome speech: "we will be in the space station for all activities in the AR video, and all the video data will be owned by Corporation Venturis all". This line will instantly remind you of the science fiction movies that you have seen, the brain of a powerful technology company and the image of the employees who are being monitored and oppressed. The same

design concept of Tacoma station within the minimalist design, everywhere is clean and tidy. Gaynor explained: "our main job last year was to re construct the space station and put it in a long time. We want players to be able to interact with all the things and feel the feelings in person. "Tacoma"

"is a game that requires players to explore both time and space. You have to watch the video before you know some of the details in some of the images that appear to be common. You can look at the image at any time, but also can switch from the perspective. While some images of the shooting time is coincident, so the player needs to be different in different regions, with different people to understand the whole picture of the incident.

for game system, game director Steve Gaynor is described: "game with different perspectives and their personal information to show a complete story. When we do "home", we want to create a sense of loneliness, the game is only you and the world. Our game is focused on the need to find clues, and then put together a complete story.

Gaynor also said: "when the production of" Tacoma ", the biggest challenge facing us is how to give the feeling of a more direct game player. We want players to be able to intuitively understand what has happened, how to do it without sacrificing the fun of the survey is the problem we have to solve. This is the main reason why we choose science fiction theme, the use of AR camera this setting, we realize the initial desire. The real "


" Tacoma "tells the story of the space station between the story of 6 people, for this theme Fullbright also specially made some practical investigation. Fullbright Karla, one of the founders of Zimonja explained: "NASA is not a similar case, but we have done a lot of investigation. Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield wrote a book specifically on a space station in life, the book has given us a lot of help. And a lot of astronauts in the international space station have their own blog, which is very interesting. "

but Gaynor also said that the information rarely mention the friction between the astronauts. He said: "NASA does not want this kind of thing to be spread out, in this regard we have not found any official information. But some of the astronauts will mention some of these things in their memoirs, and they start to complain about their previous colleagues after they retire. The space station's life is just like everyone flat-share a house, but you can't leave the house. "

Fullbright from the middle school to the data point is that the astronauts will come up with some imaginary day to pass the boring time in space, but also to let the night life more space law. And in the game there is such a fictional Festival, it is called a recession day (Day Obsolescence).

recession day is to commemorate the Venturis company to inform employees of their posts will be replaced by the computer and the creation of. In fact, the plan did not come to the realization, but the astronauts or the day will be set for the day of the recession, the irony of the incident. This also implies that the contradiction between human and artificial intelligence at that time is being intensified.

refreshing experience

members encounter what is the accident, we are still unknown. In the game demo, we can probably know is the lack of a system error caused by oxygen. But the cause of the incident and the secrets behind it are still to be explored.

, but Fullbright has repeatedly stressed that "Tacoma" is not a science fiction thriller game. Like "home", you need to collect clues to restore the whole picture of the story, and the theme of the game is to explore the relationship between people and the pressure of the human heart and so on. These nonlinear events occur at the same time throughout the space station. While some events also involve multiple characters, players can track each person's image, from a different point of view of each person's response to the same thing. The

system is very interesting, because you tend to see B A incident, also may not see A directly see the B event, in both cases you think there will be a lot of difference. Players need a more comprehensive understanding of every detail to see the truth of the matter, so the story will be more than the "home" to expand the way. Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" three years ago, "home" had a no small impact on the game industry. The game is full of art and freely in the narrative methods and the thought of curing as there is a clear difference, now "home" has become a lot of games to learn. And following the "home", Fullbright's new "Tacoma" funding more adequate, more ambitious, so it is also a more realistic performance expectations.

before we in "Batman: Arkham Knight" system seen in games such as similar to look for clues using holographic images, but in the "Tacoma", the system will become a kind of narrative mode, and it is you have never experienced. "Tacoma" will be in the spring of 2017 landing One Xbox and PC platform.

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