Analysis of the development trend of outdoor advertising design and production

Industry outdoor advertising design and production

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in recent years, China's rapid development of outdoor advertising, the advertising industry in the market showing a rapid growth momentum. According to the prospective industry Research Institute released the "2014-2018 Chinese outdoor advertising design industry market outlook and investment strategy planning analysis report" shows that China's outdoor advertising production market prospects, outdoor advertising will usher in new opportunities, specific to the outdoor advertising internal development and growth, but also reflects the media in the development process the flexibility and adaptability of brand communication.

outdoor advertising production can be divided into public transportation advertising, neon advertising, boat airship advertising, advertising light boxes, advertising, advertising signs such as the ground, of which the most typical advertising signs.

1. public transportation advertising  

public transportation advertising such as travel advertising outdoor advertising production with more than one kind of media, the role of information transmission is can not be ignored. Advertisers can use this kind of advertisement to convey information to the public, so it is a kind of high frequency mobile advertising media. In particular, public transport vehicles to and from the main street in the city center, on both sides of the vehicle or on the front end of the car advertising, wide coverage, especially strong advertising effect. This kind of outdoor advertising are still using the traditional paint painting form, method combined with part of the mounting of the computer print.


neon lights in the outdoor advertising design is one of the main form of advertising media, it is characterized by the use of new technologies, new methods and new materials, to attract the attention of the audience by the light, color and dynamic characteristics in the form of performance, so as to improve the acceptance rate of information. Neon ads are generally set in the city's highest point, the building roof and store front and other eye-catching location. It not only during the day to play the role of advertising signs, advertising signs, the night with its bright color, rise to adorn the city night.


advertising signs from the beginning to today, the media feature is always the same. It is set up in the downtown area, lots better, pedestrians are more and more, thus resulting effect of advertising is also more strong. Therefore the specific environment is the road signs, the pedestrian object is in a dynamic, so many signs in the form of graphic images, eye-catching images, concise text, easy to read, with visual effects quickly capture impression.

lamp, light box advertising, advertising, advertising and Bell Tower Street shelters advertising media feature is the use of light to move slides, stickers, flexible material light, form a single, double, three or four lights advertising. This kind of advertisement appearance is artistic, the picture is simple, the visual effect is particularly good. There are four types of advertisements are summed up:   "font-size:

(1) (square or rectangular) light boxes, advertising lamp. This type of advertising is standing on the sidewalk, there are hanging on the lamppost on the rod side, also has two sides. />

(2) more than two light boxes combined into a light box advertising groups, mostly used in the waiting booth, the large shopping mall entrance, the square and the road sidewalk corner. These parts of a wide field of vision, people flow is large, can play a better role in advertising communication.


(3) cylindrical classical style tower, tower Pavilion advertising. This kind of advertisement and the city environment echo, on the sidewalk the area is small, the pedestrian can see the advertisement from each angle, causes the limited area to have the infinite effect. Some European countries, the tower Pavilion, the tower to do public facilities. The outer circular posted ads, which is mobile toilets or small postal kiosks and small kiosk, bookstall etc..

(4) developed countries with street clock as a form of advertising, both show the city street, and convenient to the public. Some of these ads are embedded in the wall, and some hang on the door or on the sidewalk, better play the role of advertising. Now the production of advertising light boxes have been widely used in computer printing form, colorful, lifelike.

domestic outdoor advertising design creative media started late, which mainly refers to the outdoor advertising media as outdoor advertising creative elements of the overall creative, but the traditional graphic creativity is not a general sense of the advertising screen. Even now, in large cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other big cities are still more of the image of the outdoor advertising production. />

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