Romeo is the home of a new generation of Beckham fashion King

Beckham seven Romeo a new generation of

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celebrated the anniversary Betta &hellip day; … the four baby sister, Xiao Qi said, the focus of the world. Da Bu Nan, fan is a mega red net, no matter who fall in love with all the headlines, caught in the middle of Romeo Bay second presence seems slightly lower (oh well, lower sense of third I bet you can't think of a second that baby name, but all are also anti small, is not lack of Bei Jia boy), but others have been completed in English the best dressed man. When

was little, Meng Meng Da Zhen Lou Romeo.

this year, British media gave Britain's best dressed in TOP10, it is under the age of 14 Romeo in the eighth row, fourth row slightly lose dad, but last year's ranking, Romeo is leading dad a lot, he is Beckham home a new generation of fashion King's true.

as a new generation of fashion king, the most famous story is filming a commercial for Buberry in 2014, Christmas is very popular, it is said that shooting had revenues of $45 thousand a day!

's latest advertising this year filming the scene, is not more comfortable?

used to imitate Lafayette, Lafayette also praised the "one message killing me, this guy is really a genius. "Class=

"" said that the hardware conditions of the boy is too good, no wonder the fashion industry sought after. First, the face is completely V the mother possessed, you know the fashion circle like this face. Like Beckham and boy version of Vitoria together?

in September this year, only 14 of Romeo has turned out to be a pair of long legs! He had to run a marathon, the family went to cheer for him, from the back of the watch, the leg length with V mom wearing Hen Tiangao's legs as long (slightly a little hemp stalks)!

family together to see the show in the show, we see, Bei Jia men in suits to a line, he is the best natural collocation.

is the sole criterion for testing a man would be dressed in the suit, the less than 14 years old, boy suit dress field 2 meters 8!

on February in < > 14, 2016 New York City.

so a big small broken child even coat hold live.

other clothes natural be nothing difficult.

his hands look, is not super fan.

, but he is not only the meaning of people also look impressive but lack real worth. Young age show athleticism, trained in Arsenal's reserve team, once the media considered Bayesian machete heir, although now the media said the old Cruze is the most likely to inherit the father's people. Class= img_box "

Romeo's victory and defeat is also very strong. My dad once broke in the program, Romeo in a game in the box to shovel the defensive player without touching the ball, the result was the father whistled for a penalty, Romeo cried: you did this to me, 55555… &hellip

but nothing, Romeo was his tennis coach praised the tennis genius, strong ability of hand eye. It was said that at the time was 3 sons to go to the training, and finally only Romeo insisted down. Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" finally, on a four brother and sister over a photo of love. Class= img_box "

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