Lady killer trailing girls touch hips: I can not control the dress

Girls hips sex killer skirt

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"I was touched by the people in the subway station! "In June 14th, a woman came to the police station in the subway station, what happened?

subway gates by touching buttocks

what happened is that, at eight May 17th in the evening, in Hangzhou metro line four Xintang station, a dress dress Lee as usual in the gate will be out of the station. Did not expect that the next thing to surprise her, there is a red man suddenly rushed forward, a touch of Ms. Lee's hips.

Lee was shocked, all the things on the ground were dropped on the ground. Lee just want to come forward to chase a few steps, and the red man turned and ran, to catch up with Ms. Lee, red man instantly ran no shadow, the scene left a helpless lee.

see the same case after the decision to report

6 month 5, traffic 91.8 official WeChat has such content, is about 5.30 Hangzhou subway indecent report.

Lee is because of the molestation case solved, will be the heart, "I want to go to the police station! Thus, nearly a month after the incident, in June 14th, Ms. Lee came to the Hangzhou Metro Public Security Bureau Civic Center Station police station, said the situation to the police at the time. It is precisely because of this, just let the case bottom.

has been trailing on the train, waiting to

attaches great importance to the Civic Center Station police station immediately organized elite police force to carry out the investigation. Final determination of the suspect is Mao, male, 26 years old, Quzhou Zhejiang people.

according to the suspect confessed, when he was on the train has been concerned about the victims. Then, the suspect named Mao in the process of moving the train trailing all the way until the victim, Ms. Lee in Xintang Road station, is the gate wicket, is drawing out of the station when it immediately. After the start, immediately escape.

Lee was spooked by never been so scared, "he touched me great movement, also lifted my skirt, touch and run. According to the Civic Center Station police station police Wu described, such behavior, also on the surrounding masses caused by the impact, and the impact is very bad. Class= img_box "

why should follow the brake to start?

then we should have some questions at this time, why would choose to start at the gate of the machine?

in this regard, the subway Civic Center Station police station Wu said the following reasons:

one, because in the gate of the mouth, when people get off the bus, passengers are relatively weak awareness of the passengers. And because the door will be closed, to provide a natural protective barrier for the suspect, so will choose to start here.

second, according to the description of the suspect, then it is time to find a chance to start, see also want to stand up, and the victim is still holding something, very inconvenient, so choose to start at that time. Class= img_box "

"content_img_p" suspects why make such behavior?

to suspect why make such a behavior, according to the suspect himself, itself has such a habit, he saw wearing a skirt, beautiful women have not control the impulse.

suspects and according to the description, usual suspects from Xiaoshan and Xiasha, and not in Xintang road station. Therefore, the obscene behavior is "find" on the train the object, and then waiting to start.

police advise: encounter indecent timely alarm!

Metro Public Security Bureau police officer Wu introduced, since the summer of this year, the Public Security Bureau has handled two cases of molestation. Summer is coming, we wear will be less. We should do a good job of self prevention in the summer, to prevent criminals of all kinds of infringement; indecent behavior found, to timely alarm or report supervision. For all kinds of indecent assault, the subway public security bureau to increase inspections at the same time, but also to remind you of the female compatriots, encountered such a situation, must be timely alarm! Hangzhou police will try their best to bring the criminal suspects to justice! To crack down, never to be tolerated!

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