Patents involved in the case of 16 products HUAWEI claims to Samsung 80 million

HUAWEI Samsung product patent

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Patent litigation cases of

[HUAWEI and other manufacturers is a starting point, may set off the entire industry, and even the whole country's emphasis on intellectual property rights]

litigation is the last way to settle the dispute, HUAWEI is using this way to carry out a "patent movement in the global scope".

7 6 morning, HUAWEI aspects to the first Financial Daily reporters confirmed that the current has been in the Shenzhen intermediate people's court and the Quanzhou intermediate people's court for Samsung filed a lawsuit.

this May 25th morning, HUAWEI announced the IP rights litigation against Samsung Corp in the United States and Chinese, Quanzhou City Intermediate People's court recently disclosed information display, HUAWEI Terminal Company Limited to Samsung (China) Investment Limited company claims 80 million yuan.

although HUAWEI did not confirm the amount of the amount, but HUAWEI told reporters that the purpose of HUAWEI to seek judicial decision is mainly to safeguard their own rights and interests are not illegal to use and obtain a reasonable compensation. HUAWEI believes that the defendant has a total of 16 products suspected of infringement, involving 4G standard patents and smart phone features and related patents.

the Quanzhou lawsuit case, HUAWEI terminal company said in early 2010, the company technical scheme of processing method and user equipment "can be applied to a display terminal component to the State Intellectual Property Office of the patent application. After a substantive examination, the application was granted in June 5, 2011 the invention patent, the patent number is ZL201010104157.0. The patent is currently legal and effective, protected by law.

HUAWEI terminal company said, after analysis, the company found that the technical features of Samsung mobile phone and the 201010104157 invention patent claim in (total 8) of all the technical features of correspondence.

HUAWEI, Samsung Huizhou, Tianjin Samsung without permission, to the production and operation for the purpose of mass production, use, sale, offering for sale of infringing products, infringement of the patent HUAWEI enjoy the invention patent.

for the case, Samsung has no more response, in the former position, Samsung told reporters that the appropriate measures to take appropriate measures to safeguard the interests of Samsung's business".

since last year, the patent war in the mobile phone industry continues to ignite.

2015 in March, has dropped out of the field of mobile communications equipment manufacturers in the United States to initiate a lawsuit against apple and apply for a ban, involving a number of basic communications patents and mobile phone patents. Aiming at the problem of high and Meizu patent also recently, in addition to Samsung, each one sticks to his argument, HUAWEI in the United States filed a patent lawsuit, accused the U.S. wireless operator T-Mobile refuses reached a patent license agreement and continue to infringe their patent rights.

"HUAWEI and other manufacturers of litigation patent case is a starting point, it is possible to set off the entire industry, and even the whole country to the attention of intellectual property rights. "A reluctant to disclose the name of a domestic mobile phone manufacturers executives on the first financial daily reporters.

"HUAWEI and Samsung in the strength of the patent reserves are very strong. "The wisdom of bud chief patent analyst told reporters Jia County, with the mobile phone market gradually saturated, increasing competition, if HUAWEI and Samsung Electronics Company to a patent cross licensing agreement, can reduce the risk of infringement of HUAWEI high-end brand mobile phone in the global scope.

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