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Aunt physical body officers and soldiers password

jiefangjunbao· 2016-07-07 20:22:54

7 6 afternoon, Anhui Xuancheng Langxi flood fighting in the front line of the twelfth army regiment staged a touching scene, suddenly encountered a dangerous dam under water, the situation is unknown, people in distress, two officers and men without diving rescue, to ensure the safety of people's lives and property.

12 PM, mission the company was Zhu Village village of Hou dam, suddenly received the villagers, inform the middle position of village has a landslide. Class= img_box "='>


" "members of the strike team, with me into the water! "At a critical moment, Wang Meng took several members of the party into the water. Due to the fast flowing, they can only prevent each other hand in hand were washed away by the water.

by the flood control and Guidance Group observation, must use the dam to control water piles reinforcement. The depth of over two meters, the soldiers had to keep on floating in the water, with both hands to hold about 7 meters long piles.

lay stakes, they use bamboo bundle is fixed, then the color step closure of landslide. Fill sandbags and fill stones, after 5 hours of hard fighting, the dam reinforcement was finally completed, the danger is excluded.

"children, come ashore rest. Officers and soldiers soaked in water for a few hours, back to the shore soaked, hands and feet are wrinkled. To see this scene, the shore of the aunt can not help but moved to tears.

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