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the current European Cup first 7+! In the early game, creating a scoring ceremony in France and Iceland teamed up for the fans, for the fans of the first game single game scoring 7


the local operations of the French team in the tournament of the biggest dark horse of Iceland, did not hesitate, half crazy into four balls, the game will kill the basic suspense. Even France next opponent in Germany, I am afraid it is difficult to stop the pace of the Gallic rooster, from the current situation, the French team occupy opportune three conditions, is the most popular now.


day: from the time, although the French team than the German team one day less, but the German team in the game with Italy 120 minute victory, after the French in the first half to clinch victory played golf course "health care". In terms of physical fitness, the French have an advantage.


Austria: the local operations of the French team will have the best geographical advantage. With the German team's semi final will be held at the Vee Lord Lom stadium, Vee Lord Rom stadium is one of the world's most popular atmosphere of the stadium. In this atmosphere, the French team will play 120% strength.


and this is now the biggest advantage of france. Germany, the main players Gomes, Hummel J, he di injury injury, stopped to stop. France now squad is Griezmann, bogeba, Giroux this state and strength are good players.


200016 years later, a new generation of France is expected to once again bring honor for their country!


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