Even Wade will be forced to go, NBA's business is also about human?

Wade business field

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if Durant's" betrayal "reveals the players on the championship regardless of the consequences of the desire, Wade left the 13 season with the bulls to the heat, is a "betrayed" hot fire with caustic and explicit ways off their recent three championship The number one hero trophy.

on the the reason, as is the quest for the championship.

NBA is only money market
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< span style= 1.6; line-height: 1.6;" > in more than half a month before the finals, everyone In fact there is brotherhood, and the return of the prodigal son challenges all possible sources of the story, " NBA in an instant, becomes not friendship at all, only the money trading meat market. Style= line-height: "

when Miami Godfather Pat Riley gave Wade his last season only half of the annual salary of the new contract, Miami's spiritual leader left Miami is only a matter of time. />

when the big three, James left, Bosh seriously ill facing retirement, only Wade still insist on , in the moment everyone up wages under the environment, he took more than $25 million a year right and proper. But look at the top

Riley who are his first contract is for the 27 year old striker Whiteside personality 4 years 98 million. />

in the rules of the game in the title

"Wade is 33 year old, the body is injured, can form an age of onset a total of up to 185 year old team, the league only Spurs have this capability.

this is not Riley's style, he always love to eat fast food, or get to the "big three" four year two crown, or completely broke again, " construction, pension, not his food. />

angrily away Wade should not forget his third championship ring, engraved with Chinese" sacrifice "two words," don't know it Riley is not the dark insert footnote, Notice of the world, even the hero, but also for the team's next plan to win the time to sacrifice.

as Durant "enemy", Riley. Wade, a title in the rules of the game should not be criticized.

if one of these days burned portraits of Riley, perhaps in the future will be the new heat again after winning, then the incomplete picture together, take to the field of repentance.

actually this summer in the market most of the story is that the theme of , such as the warriors Bogut HanHen leave, the abolition of the warrior's attention in the on twitter, but here is a miracle of the land, for lack of human touch and angry you can still find a few exceptions.

Dallas and Nowitzki reached 2 years of $40 million to stay in the team, only one year younger than Wang Zhizhi Nowitzki and the battles for two years, his occupation career is destined to be in Dallas from start to finish.

; "in addition to see the boss Cuban of goodwill, people should understand is that" from 2010 onwards, Nowitzki has two times the renewal of self-worth, the cumulative loss of more than $30 million in revenue, only for the team to set aside the salary space reinforcement team championship. />

and Wade, the Bulls 2 year $47 million 500 thousand contract with the basic value, but he can actually find a better, the Nuggets in 2 years today opened a $52 million offer for him. />

every day the ball friends will (qjsportsclub)

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