There is a picture of a word in order to coax a toy lost boy, the reply is really warm and crying!


zhilianzhaopin· 2016-07-07 22:17:14

recently, a small boy toy elephant because lost heart for a long time

but his witty parents told him that the elephant is to travel around the world

a little boy did not believe that, until the user PS a variety of photos of the

elephant went to Africa, to find their own group as

Peru is still to the good friend

in Norway and

and the statue of liberty to play

in Kampuchea, wearing a frock "line-height: 25.6px style=

to reward Japanese cherry blossoms

also went to Great Barrier Reef diving water

Spain experienced a bull

the scene saw a European Cup football match

visited the hobbit the "line-height: 25.6px style=

in the White House and Obama came close to shake hands

to the Antarctic penguins' life experience under the

also does not meet the run times of lunar

> 14px; "such a baby elephant, His heart will go on

elephant tell us the story of

success is only one way to

that is to use their own way to spend a lifetime love

(pictures, reprint please mark the source

scan of the right side of the two-dimensional code

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