Live on the counter attack: full data interpretation of the video industry (2)


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on the counter attack: live data interpretation of video industry (on) a small partner has not seen enough! So small for all index data interpretation on the video industry (2) -- China Mobile video application value rating, hope that the "white-space: normal style= ~

value rating system that put forward the principle and significance of

Microsoft YaHei; conventional rating only from the scale is difficult to comprehensively and accurately reflect a APP potential value, 2016 The first concept of multidimensional omni-directional mobile APP value rating system, using MAU, users, the user starts and when the user has four core dimensions, evaluate the value of APP from the scale, retention, value, growth and potential of the five indicators.

help start-up firms to understand the user state, continuous improvement of product quality and user experience, in line with the industry benchmark;

analysis the application value of consumption, entertainment and media, and understand user behavior, carry out meticulous marketing, help APP manufacturers to build a more perfect combination of ecological.

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by the distance to measure the sample of" closeness " , the smaller the distance between the sample means that they are more" intimate ", then according to the principle of the nearest cluster.

, media, entertainment and consumer applications using TGI index form.

TGI index: the ratio has the same characteristics of population proportion and overall reflect the characteristics of a target group the proportion of the population, a ratio greater than 1 indicates that the target group higher than the overall average in particular within the scope of the study (strong), on the other hand, lower than the overall average (weak).

China Mobile video application value

comprehensive video: video APP


2016 May short video active mobile Internet penetration rate of 11%, the user retention rating is relatively low.

quickly the size of APP, the ratings were retained in 4A above, the media value, entertainment value in the mobile APP value rating in the 3A level, consumption value is lower than the industry average.

vertical video: BiliBili animation APP

2016 May video active mobile Internet penetration rate of 4% vertical growth, grade 4A.

BiliBili animation APP scale, retained ratings were above the 4A level; in the mobile media value, entertainment value APP value rating in the 4A level, user activity rating of 5A.

Live Video: APP

Ying guest live APP rating scale, growth above the 4A level; in the mobile APP value rating in the value of the media, entertainment value is higher, were grade 4A.

games live: TV APP

Betta TV's APP scale, the ratings were retained at the 4A level, APP value in the mobile media value, entertainment value rating in 4A, user activity 5A, more than 30% users every day Betta TV are using the application.

how the user portrait product operation and promotion?

user portrait of the core values of

1. positioning product core target users, with a population of red China Mobile Internet development trend appears to disappear, vertical, scene center, clear clear product positioning and subdivision user positioning become successful elements of the current market environment.

2. "to improve the efficiency of access to the user, with the continuous fission of user groups, show differences in mobile Internet user behavior, based on the target user behavior to locate the user portrait, accurate access, thereby reducing the cost or improve efficiency for customers.

3. user value, through the target mobile Internet users behavior portrait, in-depth understanding of user consumption concept and core needs, provide support for the realization of product value transformation.

; by the difference with the overall characteristics of the specific user groups of mobile Internet users, precise positioning of the user, analysis of user characteristics, differences are mainly embodied in: user base attributes, user behavior characteristics and consumer characteristics. Different user groups characterized by TGI index as the basic indicators, equipped with a unique user attributes Analysys algorithm model, user value model, formed a complete and comprehensive user profiling system.

, was off by Analysys advertising as a step of refinement operation the first step of

4. users to understand the basic attributes, for offline promotion to provide accurate delivery guidance.

press below the two-dimensional code can apply for million advertising product trial Analysys like oh!  

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everything is not a problem. Share intimate think-tank monarch for everyone to prepare a speech online "data interpretation of the video industry report", free for everyone to fill "margin-bottom: 20px style= ~

and Jun also invited Analysys think tank Analyst - group deputy chief martial arts Master Manager Wang Jun teacher to do this sharing, it was very cool bunker with wood?! Style= margin-bottom: "20px

like the fast length by the following two-dimensional code registration bar! Next Wednesday evening at 8 US Be There Or Be Square Analysys said.

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"Internet plus" password "is what? Open the blue font)

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