Tesla is taking the Theranos road?

Tesla the old exaggerated mergers and acquisitions

xinlangkeji· 2016-07-08 05:19:50

/ Sun Yongjie

business world there is always uncertainty, seemingly fame enterprise may because a small fuse exposes a big problem hidden behind it, and in a moment by prodding, the blood for example, not long ago was the detection of stir in the analysis of high accuracy startup Theranos exposed blood test instrument "Edison" claims is actually by false data to the scandal so that once the valuation of up to $9 billion start-up companies only in the time of half an year ashes to ashes. This event is the fuse its former employees exposed Theranos blood test data fraud (including 240 items, the previously announced its original blood detection technology can detect only 1 is to rely on their own technology, others are in the traditional medical instrument, and the 1 detection data also rely on their own there is the problem of inaccurate), let the industry can not tolerate that, in the data (in fact, is the technology behind the fraud) was exposed, it is still boasting of their technology at the same time, threats and other means to conceal the truth and shirk responsibility. I see the

industry Theranos from being pursued to fall feel? We think of the same is still being sought after but has begun to trouble tesla. Because the same claims to subvert its industry in many aspects of the two companies have considerable similarity.

is the first to exaggerate their own technology. In fact, until today, we do not fully understand the core technology Tesla repairer unique in where? As the car driven by electricity, as important as the gasoline car battery is used in Panasonic technology, more importantly, the traditional car companies like BMW (such as I3) and Nissan (Leaf), general (Chevrolet Bolt) have their own electric cars listed, and long before Tesla scale production. This shows that the so-called technical threshold and no electric car Tesla said so high, as for the so-called high-tech, such as automatic driving, and even the future of unmanned, Tesla has no core advantage. For example, the day before the Tesla car accident led to the death of the Autopilot automatic driving technology. Although it is related to the driver, but before Tesla touted his own Autopilot so that the driver over reliance on their own technology is one of the main reasons. In this regard, the traditional car manufacturers, including to provide Tesla Autopilot sensor provider Mobileye also made it clear that they developed technology technically "auxiliary driving", rather than "autopilot", so as to promote Tesla in automatic driving this easily mislead the user's name?

let us think of Tesla and Theranos in "bad things" after ifheavier is, even in a fatal accident, then crash accident with vehicle automatic driving mode when a Tesla, Tesla CEO musk recently, still can boast that its Autopilot technology to save 500 thousand the driver's life. We doubt is, Mask is based on what standard or data to calculate the Autopilot technology can save the lives of 500 thousand drivers. But it is also in automatic vehicle driving technology into a huge and leading Google's latest test report, test driver will switch back to the manual mode in the 69 case, this means that the automatic driving vehicle dangerous frequency or higher than the average car. In addition, there is definitely a point in the industry, Autopilot test before listing (including test methods, environment and mileage, etc.) has not been announced. The Theranos had refused to disclose business secrets to the "Edison test method" of an identical nature.

is worth mentioning is that the automobile automatic driving technology development and innovation, according to Reuters before the intellectual property and science department recently released report shows that in the development of self driving cars, car dealers have more patents than Silicon Valley in view of the fact that Tesla in automatic driving really exaggerated technology, at least compared with the traditional car prices, Mask said that there may not be a big lead. In fact, for Tesla's innovation, Harvard University has long been an open question: before Tesla is not subversive, only belongs to the sustaining innovation, while maintaining innovation means that the future is bound to face the fierce competition in the traditional car prices. In fact, after the first case of the Tesla fatal accident, the traditional car prices BMW has announced the development of real automatic driving technology cooperation with Intel and Mobileye.

in addition to the current focus of automatic driving technology, performance and technology related to the car, Tesla also showed exaggerated flashy without substance. For example, its use in S Ludicrous and boasted Model model was criticized by the traditional car prices. For example, Porsche announced Tesla Motors Ludicrous Mode is a curry favour by claptrap marketing gimmick, just a "face job", the reason is the two such operation will cause the battery to overheat and damage the battery.

note, in addition to the above technical boast large, in one of a car enterprises core competitive capacity, the more there is exaggerated. The most typical performance is how to complete its Model3 annual output of 500 thousand units to meet the target of the subscriber. In fact, don't say an annual output of 500 thousand single models, Tesla's latest quarterly show, as of the first half of this year car sales only 29 thousand units, the estimated annual output of optimism is not more than 100 thousand vehicles, 100 thousand vehicles which also contains all the car type Model S and X Model tesla. And it is because Tesla simply can not meet the basic requirements of the automotive industry, there are analysts said that in the second quarter of this year, Tesla's revenue and earnings will once again suffered heavy losses.

is well known, Autopilot is one of the most advanced technology of Tesla, but still in the testing phase. This also led to the "fortune" magazine and other media questioned: Tesla and government regulators should be disclosed earlier this accident? In this regard, Tesla's explanation is that there is no need to disclose all the details of the accident Tesla car, any car manufacturers will not do so. But in view of the fact that after the accident, Tesla faced for SolarCity acquisitions and financing, some analysts believe that, in order to reduce the pressure for mergers and acquisitions and financing to investors and its prospect of good impression, the industry for the Tesla was to conceal the accident facts is not a question of wind hole.

in fact, prior to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (hereinafter referred to as "NHTSA") has been investigating the Model S security risks, but the Tesla said the suspension Model S electric car is not a security flaw that did not allow the user to withhold at the same time, Tesla also acknowledged that the ban users of security issues and report Tesla is not the intention, but in some special cases, such as price discount or free for users to repair the car fault, it usually requires the user to sign a "goodwill agreement". So what exactly is this "bona fide agreement"? Is not to allow users to conceal the defect of the product is not reported?

based on the above analysis, we believe that behind the Tesla fatal accident appears to exaggerate their own Tesla technology, product and market and concealment and Theranos is quite similar, but the valuation of Theranos from the fire within six months fell to $9 billion a worthless fate is known. Does the Tesla road while they do not know the mistakes in Theranos?

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