Network transfer Vanke Wang Shi retired state-owned holding

Vanke retirement Wang Shi state owned holding

21shijijingjibaodao· 2016-07-08 06:34:59

7 Sept. 7, today there are rumors that Huarun will deep network acquisition premium treasure can hold the Department of Vanke, Vanke will thus be transformed into state-owned enterprises, at the same time, Wang Shi will be a substantial retirement, honorary president ren. For these rumors, Vanke Group to Sina said the company knew nothing. To

on the Vanke equity disputes, today in the network has such a message circulated:

1, Huarun, deep premium disk access can treasure shares, Po can spend financial cost compensation;

2, Huarun, deep breakdown of the first and second largest shareholder, because the two are for the state-owned enterprises, state-owned holding Vanke change accept the joint supervision of enterprises; Huarun, Shen tie, Guangdong province SASAC, keep the independence management; Wang Shi

3, substantial retirement, honorary president ren. Wahson, Zhang Liping quit the board of directors, Shen tie up into 2 directors; before

4, the new chairman in place temporarily by Yu Liang concurrently, the original management team is to maintain the status quo. This

, Vanke today evening emergency to sina finance sent a statement said, "for these rumors, Vanke Group knowledge. ".

(source: Sina Finance)