Super typhoon NEPARTAK struck 6 provinces in East China have a dangerous situation

Strong typhoon East China provinces and cities experts

zhongguotianqiwang· 2016-07-08 06:37:34

Chinese weather network news first typhoon this year, "NEPARTAK" today (8 days) at 5:50 in the super typhoon level in Taiwan Taitung Taimali coastal landing, landing to become the strongest since 1949 in China at the beginning of taiwan. It is expected that it will be 9 in the morning to the morning to the typhoon landed in Longhai, Lianjiang to Fujian along the coast. Affected by the impact of 8-11, Taiwan and East China 6 provinces and cities have strong storm rain.

"super typhoon NEPARTAK" landing Taiwan landing in China at the beginning of the strongest

first typhoon this year, "NEPARTAK" (super typhoon class) is published today (8 days) 5:50 in Taiwan Taitung Taimali coastal landing, landing near the center of the largest wind 16 (55 m / sec), the center of the lowest pressure of 92 thousand kpa. After landing strength significantly weakened.

"Nibert" 9, Fujian will appear in 6 provinces in East China have a dangerous situation

Central Meteorological Station forecast after "Nibert" across the Taiwan Strait will be close to the coast of Fujian, and 9 in the morning to morning in Fujian to Longhai Lianjiang along coastal areas again (33-40m/s, 12-13, typhoon class); after passing through Fujian, turn north to north easterly direction, the intensity gradually weakened.

"after landing" in Fujian will be the East China north, land stranded for nearly 60 hours, has affected Fujian, Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Anhui and other 6 provinces and cities.

Central Meteorological Station forecast typhoon, 8 days to 12 days, Ocean east of Taiwan, East Hainan, Taiwan Strait, the Bashi Channel, Fujian coastal winds will be 9~12, the typhoon center near the sea wind up 13~17 above; Zhejiang coastal, Yangtze River Estuary, coastal Jiangsu, the Yellow Sea, the East China Sea in northern and northeastern South China Sea will have 7~8 winds, gusts 9~10.

8 to 11, Taiwan, Fujian, North Central, southern and Western Zhejiang, Shanghai, northeast Jiangxi, southern Anhui, Eastern Jiangsu and other places in some areas there is heavy rain, the cumulative rainfall of 130~200 mm, Taiwan southwest and northeast, Southeast of Zhejiang and northeast of Fujian local heavy rains. Cumulative rainfall of up to 250~400 mm, the local can be more than 400 mm. Taihu Basin Rainfall 80~150 mm, among them, the Pudong Huangpu District will have 130~150 mm rainfall. Class= img_box "

"" will bring heavy rain to Fujian, Zhejiang and other provinces.

meteorological experts warned that the typhoon further inland, will bring significant rainfall to East China, Taihu and the lower reaches of the Yangtze River Basin superimposed influence area along the Yangtze River on typhoon rainfall and flood early. The next three days, east of Taiwan ocean and the East China Sea will have the wind waves above the waters ships and personnel to evacuate; Taiwan, Fujian, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Jiangxi and Jiangsu provinces need to be prepared to work; Taiwan, Fujian and other coastal ports need to do a good job scheduling, strengthening facilities to prevent the ship anchors away, grounding and collision; at the same time, also need to prevent the adverse effects of storm surge and astronomical tide of the seawall, farming superposition.

these years, the number of Taiwan to help the mainland to block the number of super typhoon?

from the geographical location, it is difficult to get a typhoon landing in Taiwan, Fujian. With Taiwan as a shield, it is difficult to have a super typhoon landing in Fujian. According to statistics, in 1949 -2015, the Northwest Pacific and the South China Sea on the formation of 389 super typhoon, the ultimate super typhoon "identity" landing in China's total of 17. This inside, Taiwan accounted for 13, is basically the proportion of 3/4.

Taiwan Xiandeng Gordon typhoon in Fujian, in the two landing strength will appear obvious attenuation, attenuation in general about 1/3. (China Weather Network)

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