Taiwan iron blast injured maximum 55 year old minimum 5 years old

Taiwan iron the injured inhalation there is a continent

zhongxinwang· 2016-07-08 06:37:46

Chinese Taiwan network July 8th news according to Taiwan media reports, the evening of 7 10 pm, Taipei Songshan train station second platform of a Taipei train to Keelung sixth car fire explosion. The passengers screaming constantly. According to the Taipei City Fire Department list, explosion injured 55 years minimum 5 years, which has not spread of mainland tourists to taiwan. According to

Taiwan's ETTV cloud coverage, a total of 21 people have varying degrees of burns. According to the Taipei City Fire Bureau, 21 people were injured 3 people were taken to the lake three general hospital, 2 people to one hospital, 6 were sent to the north, 5 to the Songshan military hospital, 2 hospital, 3 people to Cathay Pacific to Taipei Chang Gung Memorial hospital. In addition to the injured laceration, choking inhalation injury, as well as some of the wounded from the 1 to 3 degree burns of varying size, was admitted to ICU medical treatment, which accounted for 3.

addition, Hsichih Cathay General Hospital emergency room, earlier also reported 2 wounded to hospital emergency. One 19 year old woman has no obvious trauma, has been out of the hospital; a 25 year old man's right hand two 10% degree burns, the current awareness is clear, the stability of life.

, according to Taiwan media reports, the Taiwan authorities, police administration, Chen Guoen confirmed that there is a 20 cm long long type explosive explosion, witnesses said, saw a man holding a strip of suspected explosives, the police station is not ruled out the plan placed explosives, has a lock man about 40 years old in the survey. (Chinese Taiwan Wuhu with

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