Guo Jingjing husband and wife fit to shoot a portrait of Wu Xin

Hit the face Wu Xin Guo Jingjing fit

fenghuangyule· 2016-07-08 07:46:17

Guo Jingjing elegant

recently, the netizen drying out shooting a group of Guo Jingjing and her husband Kenneth Fok is a brand of photo, photo, Kenneth Fok to love wife care, Guo Jingjing dressed in gorgeous, slim, elegant temperament, is completely rich lady standard dress. Some users found the photo in the Guo Jingjing like host Wu Xin, ridicule: Wu Xin hurry to marry wealthy.

Guo Jingjing and husband

photo shoot game diving, this can be another way to feel the Olympic Games, I think it is very good.

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