Typhoon Nibert on the infamous Taiwan Street

Nibert Taiwan street super typhoon identity atomic bombing

zhongguoqingnianwang· 2016-07-08 09:15:06

[Taiwan media: typhoon as the atomic bomb] NEPARTAK struck, Taitung, green island, Orchid Island multiple power outages, hut, road signs, trees all be blown, like the atomic bomb.

[Taitung] city lights direct blowing

[Taitung] watch small trucks, locomotives by strong wind to lying on the road to walk.

[Taitung] hit the 3 ton container house is blown to the carton like.



girl umbrella is blown off. Typhoon Nibert angry, pedestrian difficult.

from the geographical location, it is difficult to get a typhoon landing in Taiwan, Fujian. With Taiwan as a shield, it is difficult to have a super typhoon landing in Fujian. According to statistics, in 1949 -2015, the Northwest Pacific and the South China Sea on the formation of 389 super typhoon, the ultimate super typhoon "identity" landing in China's total of 17. This inside, Taiwan accounted for 13, is basically the proportion of 3/4. Taiwan Xiandeng and Gordon typhoon in Fujian, in the two landing strength will appear obvious attenuation, attenuation in general about 1/3.

[NEPARTAK landing Taitung wind 17 house will soon be pulled up!]

typhoon NEPARTAK landing at 5:50 in the morning from Taitung Taimali, measured 57.2 meters per second 17 gust, broken the station was the strongest gust record refresh per second in 44 years to measure the wind 51.8 meters record. The Weather Bureau forecast center director Zheng Mingdian on Facebook in the record, "the house feels to be uprooted, always mad earthquake", "terrible! In the house shake", Taitung area users on the Zheng Mingdian face book message response.

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