Germany's "artificial sun" upgrade up to 100 million degrees Celsius

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ITzhijia· 2016-07-08 12:31:59

Marx of Germany · plasma physics research Planck said 6 stellarator controlled nuclear fusion device "the world's largest spiral stone 7-X in March this year successfully completed the first round of the experiment, is currently being upgraded, is expected after 4 years can achieve plasma pulse duration of 30 minutes of target. Class= img_box "

as its name suggests, star is a star of imitation, is a controlled nuclear fusion device . According to the design, stellarator imitate nuclear fusion reaction inside a star through the plasma hydrogen isotope, bound deuterium and tritium, and heated to 100 million degrees Celsius during nuclear fusion, in order to obtain continuous energy.

is located in the northeastern city of Greifswald, Germany "spiral stone 7-X device to start operating in December 2015, to March 2016 the end of the first round of experiments, successfully produced helium and hydrogen plasma. At the same time, after 2000 times of experiments, hydrogen plasma pulse duration from the initial half second to 6 seconds.

researchers introduced the use of 4 MW of microwave heating device, the plasma reactor temperature rapidly increased, the temperature reached 100 million degrees Celsius, the ion temperature rose to 10 million degrees celsius.

researchers said that the first round of the experimental results exceeded expectations, they are very satisfied. At present, the plasma reactor is upgrading, is expected to end in 2017, when the "spiral stone 7-X" is expected to be able to withstand higher temperatures and plasma pulse to maintain 10 seconds. According to plan, after several upgrades, about 4 years after the plasma pulse can be achieved for 30 minutes.

"spiral stone 7-X" by the German Marx · Planck Institute of plasma physics, the project investment of more than 1 billion euros, took 9 years of equipment assembly work until 2014 to complete.

controlled nuclear fusion is one of the solutions to solve the problem of energy in the future. But the application of nuclear fusion is difficult, to let the "ultra high temperature controlled plasma", otherwise it may become a bomb explosion. The star like device is one of the more promising controlled nuclear fusion devices, and the United States and other countries are also studying other types of controlled nuclear fusion devices such as tokamak.

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