3 year old girl was forgotten in the car a few hours exposure to suffocate

Shangrao County girls exposure rear seat car temperature

xinhuawangjiangxipin· 2016-07-08 13:04:52

original title: Shangrao County, 3 year-old girl who suffocated the car

newspaper news (reporter Hong Peng) July 5th at noon, Shangrao county Huang Sha Ling an 3 year old girl was found dead in the car. Owners, when the car has been in the hot sun exposure for several hours, the temperature is very high in the car. Girls family suspected child may be due to the temperature inside the car is too high to be suffocated.

the little girl who lives in Huang Sha Ling Xiang Wang Wu Cun group. According to the owner Mr. Wang, the day he put the car parked in front of the uncle, around 2 pm, ready to drive out, found the little girl lying on the back seat of the car, huddled together. At that time the car has been exposed for several hours, the temperature is very high in the car. Mr. Wang said, because the car door lock is broken, he did not know when the child was climbing his car.

after the incident, Shangrao County, the police involved in the investigation. July 7th, the reporter learned from the Shangrao County Public Security Bureau, the cause of the child's death is still under investigation, the rehabilitation work is being processed.

source: Shangrao evening news

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