The driver dress up shoulder for traffic police

Skirt shoulder driver Sun City

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driver dress up shoulder for police

reporter Li Gang

as everyone knows, drunk driving dog in the manger, and a lot of drunk driving in order to escape the police strike, is full of tricks.

7 month 6 in the evening, in the north of the city of Jiangbei District of Chongqing Road, Pearl River Sun City, a driving Tiguan SUV driver in order to delay the punishment, this is a dress up and shoulder, to the scene of the police men are very embarrassed, she finally tried to abandoned the vehicle and fled.

refused to accept a blow detection Jiangbei District police

Traffic and patrol police detachment five brigade police in the shop told the Chongqing Times reporter, it happened in the evening of 9 points, is the area of road Traffic and patrol police set up checkpoints. At this time, police found a SUV found that the police set up card in front, towards the branch. However, if a driver will use this way to escape in the branch Traffic and patrol police set up card, this car was stopped by SUV.

it is understood that the female driver surnamed ye, 31 years of age, the body is obviously a share of liquor gas. The police let her blow detection, but Yemou began to make up. "You don't want to move me! "Ye cried," not willing to "let the police men close to her. While the police and she is always telling the truth, I hope she can cooperate with the inspection.

, however, are still reluctant to Yemou, her dress up up, and his shoulders, the police shouted: "you see you see Sai, sai! "

to the policewoman, attempting to abandoned the vehicle and fled

saw Yemou move, the presence of the male police were very helpless, had to help the living in the vicinity of the female police to help.

not long after, the day did not work any Yiman female police arrived at the scene, to produce Jing Guanzheng, ye are still unwilling to accept blowing test. And when we do not pay attention to, Yemou have abandoned the vehicle and fled.

ran 30 meters was we chased. The police told the Chongqing Times reporter, Yemou across the road, ran into King City residential garage, also want to pass from the parking rod down, the police control. To this end, the police decided to direct Yemou to the hospital for blood test.

came to the gate of the hospital, Yemou emotions finally stabilized. By blowing test, the measured value is 39mg/100ml, which belongs to the motor vehicle driving after drinking. And at this time, the time has reached 11 points in the night. It is understood to be

, the blood test results came out, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, Yemou driver's license will be suspended for 6 months, and impose a fine of $1000~2000. At present, the case is under further processing.

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