Silicon Valley spiritual godfather, science and technology business prophet Kevin Kelly language in the next 20 years

The godfather the prophet.

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Silicon Valley spiritual godfather of the prophet Kevin Kelly, science and technology business at the Stanford University, from the China Europe International "America's top circle, more than 30 students of the central sixiangjia" for as long as 3 hours to share, talked about his views on the future trend of the 20 major commercial technology.

  • the next age is the age of oxygen. In the near future, the total amount of information transmitted through the wireless network will exceed the total amount of information transmitted over the wired network.

  • future, more data transmission between the intelligent equipment of each person, will not return to the tower, or" cloud "switch. By 2020, more than 1 km of information transfer distance over 2/3.

  • many people say: I'm not going to share with others my medical data, financial data, sexual life. But that's just what you are now. Future people will go to share these data, we are still in the early days of the sharing of the times.

  • unmanned car, the future will become your new office, you will receive the data by car than you sit in the office to receive more data.

  • bitcoin really brings subversion is a sense of communication, which has the same value of money exchange.

  • 20

"disruptive innovation" is the concept of Professor Christensen mentioned that this famous book "the innovator's dilemma" in the book. He tells us how difficult it is to innovate in an already successful subject. In 1800s, when the world's most profitable business is the business of sailing companies, they have become a global enterprise. Then the steam ship was invented, without the sail, and by the steam engine. Steam boat appeared at the beginning, is a very bad experience of transport - compared with the big sailing ship is small and short, making the price is very expensive, the reliability is very poor. At that time, the big shipping companies did not put it in the eyes.

important break-word! " disruptive innovation technology first

summed up: disruptive innovation technology has a pattern: the beginning of time there are obscure things, being ignored. You can see the three lines above a line is a very good performance of the industry leaders in the market, there is a very smooth curve; the curve is below the lowest satisfaction of consumers, most below that point, is a disruptive innovation enterprise appears at that time. first, disruptive innovation technology than the requirements of customers, is a joke. However, when it develops at a faster pace, suddenly one day meets the needs of the consumer, it will produce a very rapid development momentum, becoming the ruler of the market.

for disruptive technology start-ups and they have been struggling, the work quality is very low, high risk, low profits, the market is extremely small, business model has not been taken seriously, rational traders are not going to do this kind of business. Why only venture enterprises and small businesses will do these innovations? Because they don't have a choice. a very frightening fact is that most enterprises are finally!

in addition, whether you are doing what industries really, you pose the greatest threat to the opponent is not now in the industry competitors, and those outside the industry you can't see the competitors. Next, I would like to say to everyone that I think there may be a subversion of the field.

from era to era < /strong>

to 2050, the amount of data will be very scary 1 million Zetabit. A Zetabit is 1 trillion G. The next era is called the Zeta era, and in the Zeta era, the more massive information to use what to describe? Have English words. I have talked to many linguists about this problem, and they have no answer. Faced with such a large amount of information, we do not even have a good mathematical algorithm to deal with data in real time. How to make use of these data, the data into valuable things? There are a lot of business opportunities.

different commercial times using different media to transmit information. Early is copper, because people use cable transmission; and then enter the era of silicon, silicon caused the chip. I think the next age is the age of oxygen.

personal data is the future of

I think the future is in each individual transfer their information era.

like Amazon site has a node to control a lot of the audience, we called the "cloud"; the lower level is a local transmitting station, we call the "fog"; and the bottom is called grid, each one of us as the receiver. I predicted that the next data will be more transmission between smart devices for each person, will not return to the tower, switch or "cloud". we have formed a small local area network. Style= to 2020, more than 2/3 of the information

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