Philippine mission to the charity reef break the media: China made a threat

Warship charity China group

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information: in the charity reef sit Beach "Sierra Madre mountains" landing ship on the Philippines military

original title: Philippine strong group boarded charity reef sit beach warship foreign media: Chinese issued a veiled threat to

foreign media said Philippines, the militant group "Kalayaan Islands (part of the reefs occupied by the Philippines and the actual control of the Spratly Islands -- the note) belongs to us" (KAI) in less than a year third times in the South Sea of China "patriotic" tour, this is the "Mudd LeShan" landing ship recharge.

according to the United States, "Forbes" double weekly website reported in July 6th, Philippines in 1999 on the "Mudd LeShan" in the "" in the beach. 12 activists from KAI Chinese maritime police vessel arrived in charity reef in June 29th. After the protests, the Chinese threatened to drag the "Mudd LeShan".

reported that Chinese ships including a large maritime police vessel and at least two civilian ships, trying to force the "Sierra Madre mountains" on the Philippines military.

activists said the lack of supplies and maintenance to make the "Mudd LeShan" on the Philippines Marine Corps members at a disadvantage, they may be forced to leave, because there is more and more unsafe living there.

reported that after the KAI to take action against the, China to the "Mudd LeShan" issued a veiled threat. China Defense Ministry spokesman Wu Qian at a regular press conference on June 30th to answer whether the people's Liberation Army ruled in the South Sea Chinese arbitration will be said to this old warship towed problem, Chinese forces have the determination and ability to safeguard sovereignty and territorial integrity of the state security.

KAI activists in June 26th for the first time to try to go to charity reef, but because of the waves and failed. June 28th night, the activists once again set off the next morning to reach the charity reef.

activists spent several hours in the charity reef, sending the Marines to the food, drinks, a live sheep, and other supplies.

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